• vooglam glasses

    About Us

    Vooglam was founded in 2017. In April 2022, we made an evolution of the brand, changing the brand name from Voogueme to Vooglam. Comparing to the original name Voogueme, Vooglam is much easier to remember, recognize and pronounce, while "me" to "glam" representing the change of "personal options" to "unique sense of fashion". It's also one of the steps for digging brand potential and heading the way to new growth.

    Set out to give everyone the convenience of shopping stylish prescription eyeglasses at an affordable price, vooglam.com is now a leading online provider offering a variety of high-quality frames with a wide-range of styles and lens types including: single vision lenses, progressive lenses, RX sunglasses, driving lenses, digital protection, anti-reflective coatings and more.

    We have self-owned manufacture lines with professional equipment and our opticians are experienced in analyzing prescriptions and manufacturing different kinds of lenses. Vooglam always strives to provide premium quality products and professional service for you as our honored customer.

  • 1. Product Design

    It is not new to shop glasses online, but Vooglam makes us different by the creative fashion designs. Glasses could not only be functional but also fashion accessories. Use glasses to highlight your eyes, match your outfits, and never miss any shining moment.

  • 2. Quality Matters

    Quality is one of the critical parts of Vooglam values. We understand how the glasses need to be on points and how the glasses help in daily life.
    No matter you need regular single vision or complicated bifocals prescription, even the sunglasses you want it to be prescriptive, we provide the options. Get a perfect pair should be easy for everyone; you deserve better.

  • 3. Professional

    There is no need to make an appointment first, no need to drive, and no need to pay for the higher prices. Just stay at home, fill out your prescription, and wait for your next pair. Easy, safe, and good as well!