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How to Clean Your Eyeglasses

  • Disposable Lens Wipes

    Disposable lens cleaning wipes are a great option, individually packaged and portable for quick and easy cleaning of oil, dirt, and dust from your lenses, the wipes also have antiseptic properties.

  • Hand Washing

    1. It is essential to clean your glasses regularly as they can easily become attached to sweat, fingerprints and dander during daily use.
    2. When cleaning your glasses, you should also make sure that your hands are clean to avoid damage to the lenses from the fine particles that are carried on your hands.
    3.Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of lukewarm tap water. This will remove dust and other debris, which can help avoid scratching your lenses when you are cleaning them. Avoid hot water, which can damage some eyeglass lens coatings.
    4.Apply a small drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid to each lens. Most dishwashing liquids are very concentrated, so use only a tiny amount. Or apply a drop or two to your fingertip instead. Use only brands that do not include lotions.
    5.If the concentration of detergent is too high and needs to be diluted, rinse again until it is completely washed away, and then rinse the lens with a small stream of water to remove the droplets. If there is still a small amount of water, you can suck dry it with a clean soft dry 100% cotton cloth, do not wipe.
    6.Finally, your “new” glasses are back.

  • Spray Eyeglasses Cleaners

    Spray the cleaner on both sides of the lens with a regular spray cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Wipe carefully with a clean hand in a circle shape, after wiping, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to dry the surface.

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  • Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Every regular optical shop has special equipment for washing eyeglasses. The correct way is: add water to the ultrasonic cleaner, plug in the power, put in the glasses, press ON, wait, wash, turn off the switch, unplug the power.

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  • Stored Properly

    When not wearing glasses, keep the surface of the lens facing up, not down, to prevent damage to the lens surface or surface coating. If you do not wear glasses for an extended period of time, wrap them in a cloth and place them in a case with the lenses facing downward to avoid damaging them by pressing or sitting on them.

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  • Daily Maintenance

    If the screws on your glasses are loose, tighten them immediately, otherwise the lenses may fall to the ground or cause you injury. Please use protective accessories for your glasses to avoid damage during sports. (Sports glasses are recommended for strenuous exercise.)

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