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Men's glasses has iconic shape styles such as browline, rectangular frames and classic aviators. But in recent decades, technological advances and changing fashion trends have further enriched male eyewear styles. From the retro styles of the 60's and 70's to the simplicity of the 80's and 90's to the bold styling of the post-millennium era, fashionable men's eyewear styles are constantly evolving.

Tortoise shell frame mens glasses aviator shaped

For the modern man, choosing the right eyewear as an accessory has grown to play a pivotal role in fashion and personal style and is a wise fashion investment. In fact, what was once a purely vision-correcting medical tool has now become a perfect blend of fashion and function.

As male eyewear becomes edgy or played subtle, create your own unique and eye-catching style by choosing from a wide range of sophisticated options. If you want to keep up with the newest, fashions and trends in men's eyewear, this guide can help you learn about modern and trendy men's glasses. In addition to the trends, the best styles in fashionable men's eyewear that are more suitable for your budget and lifestyle will be provided in this guide.

 A young man with neatly trimmed hair and a well-groomed mustache is posing confidently while adjusting a pair of golden-rimmed, round glasses. He wears a plush, black sweater with the bold letters

The latest trends in men's eyeglasses

Choosing the most modern trendy men's eyeglasses frames can give your overall style look a new look without having to spend more time or effort on makeup. If you want to redefine your appearance this year and make yourself look more appealing and glamorous, the following list of the most popular men's eyeglasses frames from the past as well as the present will help you choose your eyeglasses as easily and efficiently as you would try on an outfit.

Designers from Vooglam have worked tirelessly to update men's eyeglasses styles, reinventing classic styles while also being more fashion forward. From vintage round glasses to designer aviators, from retro-elegant tortoiseshell styles to modern, minimalist clear styles, each model has its own style and design concept. You can enhance your style and express your fashion attitude with one or more different styles of eyewear.

1. Camouflage frames for mens

In the vibrant world of men's fashion, where style meets functionality, camouflage patterned eyewear has become the latest trend setter to catch the attention of fashionistas. These are more than just eyeglasses. They are a statement. The frames are adorned with an eye-catching camouflage print that speaks to the confident, fashion forward, modern man who dares to stand out from the crowd.

A man with a warm smile, short beard, and neatly trimmed hair is wearing white-rimmed glasses with a tortoiseshell pattern. He's outdoors, with sunlight casting a soft glow on his face, highlighting his features.

The square shape of these frames and the top bridge design give the face structure and exude authority and sophistication. Its design is both classic and modern, suiting a variety of styles - from casual, off-duty looks to chic business casual.

A pair of square-framed glasses with a camouflage pattern in shades of green and brown. The glasses are displayed against a white background, showcasing the bold print and the thick frame design.

2. Oversized frames

In the ever-evolving landscape of men's fashion, a pair of eyewear that combines timeless elegance with modern sophistication can reflect a man's refined taste. The attractive modern trendy oversized frames mens glasses below are crafted in a luxurious caramel hue that exudes warmth and versatility. The choice of this color is no accident; it's a deliberate endorsement of this eyewear's ability to complement a wide range of skin tones and personal styles.

A stylish man wearing caramel-colored glasses, matched with a black shirt, a beige scarf, and a gray hat.

For the discerning gentleman looking to enhance his eyewear collection, these new glasses offer more than just vision correction. They are an extension of personal style and a tool for expressing individuality. These glasses stand out as a timeless piece that promises to continue to be a closet must-have for years to come.

A close-up of sophisticated, caramel-hued glasses with a semi-cat-eye shape, showcasing their luxurious color and unique design. The glasses are placed against a soft, light background that highlights their elegant structure and warm tone.

3. Rimless modern trendy mens glasses

In the ever-changing landscape of men's fashion, where the line between classic and modern is subtly blurred, a pair of glasses effortlessly captures the essence of contemporary style. Featuring a minimalist, rimless design, these modern mens glasses harken back to a time of simple elegance while fluently expressing the language of today's fashion.

The stylish man wears rimless sunglasses that blend functionality with fashion, complete with brown lenses that gently protect his eyes from the sun while enhancing his outdoor look. Gold accents on the temples add a touch of sophistication, reminiscent of the pointillism in accessories. Here's a man ready to face the day with confidence, the mens sunglasses not just a shield, but a sign of his personal style.

A stylish man with a full beard and a black baseball cap is wearing contemporary rimless sunglasses with gradient brown lenses and gold detailing on the arms.

The rimless frame feature speaks to the admirer of clean lines and unobtrusive design, while the rectangular lenses suggest a nod to the timeless. The golden hardware at the temples and nose bridge whispers luxury without ostentation. This is more than an accessory; it is a statement, a subtle nod to the wearer's exquisite taste.

Rimless rectangular sunglasses with gradient brown lenses and elegant gold hardware, lying on a gray textile surface, embodying a minimalist yet chic design.

4. Clubmaster browline eyeglass frames

The Clubmaster eyeglass frame style goes back to the days of Buddy Holly. Effortlessly blending classic sophistication with modern minimalism, these quintessential clubmaster browline glasses enhance your fashion sense. The upper half features a bold matte black finish that outlines the eyes with confident lines, while the lower half remains plain, giving the illusion of a seamless view. This design choice not only enhances functional sharpness, but maintains a lightweight feel for all-day comfort.

A black and white photo of a confident man with a beard wearing trendy clubmaster browline eyeglasses, dressed in a formal suit with a pocket square.

Designed for the modern gentleman, the subtle transition from solid upper to invisible lower frame subtly creates visual texture, and the delicate details on the temples hint at meticulous attention to detail. Smooth metal sides provide a sharp, stylish contrast to the black front, and ergonomic ear tips fit snugly behind the ears.

Black and silver browline eyeglasses with clear lower lenses and detailed metallic temples on a white background.

5. Popular square eyeglass frames

At the forefront of eyewear fashion, this striking oversized square frame is a head-turner. More than just a nod to retro style, these glasses are a reinterpretation of a modern classic. The clear frame stands out with its clean lines and sharp angles, presenting a fresh futuristic look that captures the essence of avant-garde aesthetics.

A man with a medium skin tone, wearing clear, oversized square glasses and a black, fuzzy coat. He has a flat-top haircut, and he's looking slightly upwards with a serious expression on his face. The background is plain and white.

These glasses are ideal for the fashion forward man. The lenses are wrapped in black lines around the lenses, giving them a mysterious and deep look that can fully bring out the masculine handsomeness. The silver accents on the hinges add just the right amount of flair to ensure that these glasses not only complement your vision, but your personality as well.

A pair of black, square-framed eyeglasses with clear lenses sits on a white surface.

6. Flat top eyeglasses frames

With a sturdy square design, these glasses are eye-catching and show off the wearer's confidence. The vibrant blue color is not just any blue, it's the blue of the deep sea and clear skies, a blue that adds a pop of color to any look and instantly raises a man's style quotient.

 A man with light skin and blond, slicked-back hair, wearing blue-framed glasses and a slight smile. He's dressed in a grey t-shirt layered under a black and grey plaid jacket.

The angular lines of the frames exude modern glamor, while the transparent quality of the material showcases the ingenuity of modern eyewear design. Embrace the spirit of adventure, bold glamor, and clear fashion forward thinking by wearing these striking blue glasses. They are a necessity for men who know that the right pair of glasses can truly define a look.

A pair of blue eyeglasses with a rectangular frame sits on a white background. The frame is a dark blue and the lenses are clear.

7. Transparent eyeglass frames

Nicknamed Adebola, these glasses are a pair of frames that redefine the meaning of clear vision. The kind of clear frames are a modern design style that brings an air of sophistication and subtle elegance to the wearer's style. The gold-colored temples add just the right amount of luxury, and the temples are curved in a "z" shape for a more designer look.

A stylish man wearing clear eyewear frames against a serene blue wall. The transparent frames exude sophistication, blending seamlessly with both professional and casual attire. The textured black jacket hints at discerning taste, while the clear glasses add an unexpected twist. These versatile frames allow the wearer to express individuality and flair.

These frames are not only a tool for improving vision, but also a personalized piece that shows off the wearer's personality and confidence. They have the unique ability to blend in with any outfit, enhancing the wearer's features without overshadowing them. For men who want to stand out from the crowd while appreciating the simplicity of the design, these glasses are the perfect accompaniment to any suit, casual or formal.

A pair of elegant clear-framed eyeglasses with gold accents, positioned against a contrasting blue and white background. The transparent frames exude sophistication, while the gold-colored hinges add a touch of elegance. These glasses are both stylish and functional, perfect for the modern man who appreciates fine design.

Many celebrities have followed the clear frame trend. For example, Ryan Gosling often wears clear-framed glasses, adding a whimsical yet stylish touch to his attire. Similarly, soccer icon David Beckham has embraced the style, demonstrating the wide appeal of the trend.

8. Unique geometric frames

What really sets these eyewear apart is their unique geometric design, which is a nod to the modernist movement but is fully rooted in contemporary style. This design choice embodies the bold, confident man who isn't afraid to stand out and make a statement. Whether you're an artist, a businessman, or someone who pays attention to the details of life, these eyewear pieces are designed to elevate your look and make them a must-have accessory in your fashion repertoire.

In the ever-evolving world of men's fashion, eyewear is not only a necessity for some, but a statement piece for all. This edgy eyewear called Lizzy has a non-traditional octagonal shape that is immediately eye-catching and makes the man wearing it stand out from the crowd. In a world where fashion and personal expression are intertwined, these glasses become the perfect symbol of individuality and modern elegance. The dark, sleek lenses not only offer protection from the sun's rays but also add an air of mystery to the wearer's persona.

Octagon shape glasses are more than just an accessory, they are a style statement, bridging the gap between traditional eyewear and cutting edge men's fashion!

9. Designer style aviator frames

With a retro aviator frames shape inspired by the iconic look of the 1950's and 1960's, the Vooglam's modern eyewear aviator frame perfectly balances classic appeal with latest style. The frames are a bold and sophisticated black color that outlines the world of the modern man, creating a stark contrast that enhances the wearer's features.

However, it's not just their aesthetic appeal that makes these glasses so appealing. The temple of the frames feature a luxurious gold finish that extends gracefully, combining strength with elegance. This gold accent is more than just a detail. It is a sign of quality and luxury, making these eyewear the perfect accessory for the discerning gentleman who cares about form and function.

A man wearing stylish black glasses with a thick frame. Below his portrait, there's a smaller image of the glasses he's wearing, highlighting their sleek design and gold accents on the corners.

10. Classic rectangle eyeglasses

Capturing the essence of modern sophistication and latest style, these men's stylish rectangle glasses have a top bridge and flat top design that emphasizes a man's cool sensibilities. The body of the frame is made of clear acetate material and the outermost layer is a black wrap for a sleek and modern look. The temples are also transparent in parts and the built-in metal skeleton is clearly visible, a response to the minimalist aesthetic.


At the same time, these rectangular glasses feature a unique angular shape that adds a touch of character to the classic rectangle silhouette. This design not only enhances the visual appeal, but also ensures a comfortable fit. They are the perfect choice for the fashion forward man looking for a pair of glasses for everyday wear. At the same time rectangular modern popular eyeglasses are also very much for men with oval faces.

A sleek pair of transparent-framed glasses with a unique angular shape, highlighted against a white background. The glasses feature detailed arms and a modern design, emphasizing their stylish and contemporary appeal.

11. Retro round frame eyeglasses

A pair of eyeglasses is not only an accessory but also the centerpiece of any outfit. Featuring a colorblock pattern embellished on a retro round frame, these glasses create a globetrotting vibe that's perfect for men who like to keep it casual and have a preference for color combinations.

A relaxed man reclining on a gray sofa wearing modern trendy round glasses. He has a short beard, a nose ring, and a plain black T-shirt, casual and fashionable.

The frame's distinctive motif is a tapestry of vibrant hues, with each section of the frame rendered in a different color for a playful and sophisticated montage. These eyewear are designed for the modern man who appreciates the delicate balance between distinguished style and understated elegance.

A playful and colorful pair of round eyeglasses with a world map design in multiple colors on the frames, against a white background. The glasses exhibit a variety of shades including blue, pink, yellow, and green, with black temple tips.

12. Tortoiseshell frames

Vooglam redefines elegant eyewear in men's fashion. The frames of the eyewear below feature a beautiful tortoise pattern that blends classic charm with modern chic. The thick, bold frame makes a powerful fashion statement. The tortoiseshell pattern blends rich shades of dark and light brown to present a warm, sophisticated look that matches any skin tone and outfit, ensuring that the wearer stands out in any environment.

A close-up of a person's hands holding round, tortoiseshell sunglasses with a compact frame design. The image captures the intricate pattern and colors of the frames, highlighting the vintage-inspired yet modern appeal of the sunglasses.

The tortoiseshell patterned eyewear pays homage to vintage styles while being firmly rooted in modern design sensibilities. For the modern man who wants to add a touch of elegance to his closet, tortoise pattern eyewear is more than just an accessory; it's an extension of his personality. The tortoiseshell pattern is another timeless style design that is both practical and at the same time maintains a fashionable aesthetic that suits a wide range of different face shapes, making it a great choice for any modern man who cares about style and substance.

A pair of stylish tortoiseshell patterned eyeglasses with thick, square frames, showcasing a blend of dark and light brown colors. The glasses are placed against a simple, elegant background, emphasizing their modern and sophisticated design.

Of course, choosing the perfect pair of men's eyeglasses is not just about style and shape, but also about comfort when wearing them and matching your face shape or style of dress. By understanding and taking into account your facial features, skin tone, etc., you will be better able to choose the perfect eyewear to enhance your appearance and reflect your style. For example, if you have soft facial lines, choose rectangular or geometric shaped frames to give structure and contour to your face; for those with lighter skin tones, darker frames, black, brown or tortoiseshell are all good choices.

Lightweight frames such as titanium or acetate are not only durable, but also cater to your comfort level at the same time. And as technology advances, a wide range of prescription optical lenses are available, with practical features such as transition or anti-blue light lenses and progressive lenses that can enhance the eyewear wearing experience and improve your vision.

Virtual glasses try-on: improving the modern shopping experience

The virtual glasses try-on technology can be run on a mobile or a computer device. By entering the fitting program you can select different frames and visualize the effect of various frames on your face, just like trying on glasses in a physical store, at the moment in Vooglam the virtual fitting application is only available on the cell phone app. By trying on glasses virtually, you can avoid the trouble of receiving glasses that are uncomfortable to wear.

Sometimes you can also upload a close-up photo of your face and follow the instructions on the website, the program will automatically locate your eyes and fix the frames to complete the virtual "try-on".

The perfect pair of eyeglasses is an extension of a man's personality and complements your style. Men's eyewear comes in a wide variety of styles, and while the 12 frames listed above in latest style in mens glasses are worth trying on one by one, there are many more styles to explore. Whether you're looking for a new pair of frames or an upgrade to your existing eyewear, the Vooglam eyewear styles featured in this guide are designed to give you a broad overview of modern and stylish men's eyewear, making it easy to find your favorite seasonal eyewear fashions.

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