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The chubby face glasses for round face female

By Vooglam

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Females with round faces usually look cute, but sometimes they struggle to pick the right glasses for them because of their chubby face shape. This is because some of them feel that they don't look stylish or good enough in glasses. They are also unsure if they need to choose oversized frames or round frames. However, there are always some pleasing styles of chubby face glasses for round face females.

Square Multicolor Eyeglasses worn by Keemah

What are the features of a chubby face?

Chubby face females usually have rounded cheeks with no visible angles and a fuller appearance. The forehead and jawline are rounded, with no apparent width, and women with chubby faces can sometimes appear more delicate, with a more youthful look to their well-defined features. That's why some females would like to know how to have a chubby face naturally.

Beautiful women with square shaped frame glasses and tortoise pattern

What kind of frame glasses are suitable for a round face?

Framed eyeglasses not only correct vision problems but also enhance facial style. So what frame type is suitable for a chubby round face?

1, The shape of the frames should create some contrast with the shape of the face, not too similar. Females with round faces should avoid round frames to avoid aggravating the visual effect. For round faces, it is appropriate to choose common and unstylish frames such as rectangle or cat eye frame glasses to make a delicate round face more sensible and elegant.

2, It is best to choose slender frames with a slight curve to harmonize the overall sense to highlight the vertical lines and make the face more visible. In contrast, slender and square frames are more conducive to slimming down the face lines.

3, When comparing the upper and lower edges of the frames, a larger lower edge will make the lower jaw appear fuller, while a smaller lower edge will look less harmonized. Therefore, Females with chubby faces should choose frames that have a more prominent upper edge that modifies the facial lines, while the lower edge is slightly reduced but curved.

Round face female wearing aviator shape sunglasses black lenses

Are oversized-sized frames suitable for Females with round faces?

From an aesthetic standpoint, wearing oversized frames on a round face is not the best option. A round face is characterized by a softer and rounder facial profile, and choosing oversized frame glasses may make the face appear even more round and chubby, lacking contrast and balance. On the contrary, choosing moderate or slightly smaller frames can help balance the contours of the face and better show the overall beauty.

Top 3 styles of chubby face glasses for round-face

Vooglam recommends Three's top line of women's frames, which are not only top quality, but fit all face shapes, especially chubby faces.

The "Geometrically Square":  With its wide, angular frame, this pair will gently counterbalance the softness of your round face. The geometrically square frames provide a striking contrast to the softness of a round face, projecting a modern, edgy vibe. The thickness of the frame adds a touch of boldness, making your face appear slimmer. The "Geometric Glee" helps you make a confident statement while subtly enhancing your facial features.

5 different styles square sunglasses green frames and crystal frame glasses

The "Elegant Rectangle":  The rectangular frames with gently rounded edges harmonize with the curves of a round face, creating a balanced visual appeal. These frames add a hint of structure to your face without being too harsh, making them a perfect everyday accessory for professional or casual looks.

Design style rectangle shaped frame glasses yellow color tortoise print

The "Bold Cat-eye": The upward tilt at the corners of these frames can help to elongate a round face, drawing attention up and away from fuller cheeks. The "Chic Cattitude" offers a feminine, retro vibe and is ideal for those who want to add a dash of glamour to their style.

Gold temple clear frame cat eye shaped glasses

Which colors of frames are suitable for women with chubby faces?

For women with round faces, consider the following suggestions when choosing the color of your eyeglass frames:

Dark frames: choosing dark eyeglass frames can add some contrast to a round face and make the contours of the face stand out. Colors such as black, dark brown, and dark gray are good choices.

Neutral-colored frames: Neutral-colored frames such as brown, beige, and gray can add some softness and naturalness to a round face and are suitable for daily wear.

Transparent or light-colored frames: Transparent or light-colored eyeglass frames can visually lighten the contour of the face and make it appear lighter. The pink, light blue, and champagne colors are all stylish and suitable choices for women with round faces.

Flamboyant colors: If you like eyeglass frames with a strong personality, you can try some flamboyant colors, such as red, purple, blue, and so on. These colors can add some flair to your look, but make sure they coordinate with your skin tone and personal style.

A woman with a round face wearing light purple rectangular frames on a colorful background


Embrace your unique beauty and feel confident and stylish by choosing the perfect pair of chubby face glasses for round face. Rectangular or cat eye frames that contrast with the round features of your face can add a touch of sophistication. Moderately sized or slightly smaller frames balance the contours of the face and reveal the overall beauty of the face. Vooglam's top collection of women's eyewear includes geometric squares, elegant rectangles, and bold cat-eye styles specifically designed to complement a round face and enhance facial features.

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