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Average cost of prescription lenses without frames

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The range of prescription lenses without frames

When you need to change your glasses and want to do so without changing the frame, purchasing prescription lenses separately has become an issue to be solved at the moment. So we've compiled the following information you need to know when you buy eyeglasses lenses for replacements.

Generally, the average cost of prescription lenses without frames ranges from $20 to $200, although it can be higher. The cost of eyeglass lenses can vary based on a number of factors including lens type, vision prescription, and eyewear brand premium cost.4 kinds of glasses lenses and affecting cost of eyeglasses lenses factors

The type of lenses can impact the cost

The type of lenses is an important factor in determining the cost of prescription lenses. Single-vision lenses to correct simple nearsightedness or farsightedness are usually much cheaper to produce than bifocal or progressive lenses. Similarly, the cost of prescription lenses for sunglasses will be higher than the general cost of eyeglasses lenses.

One of the biggest factors affecting the cost of prescription lenses is the material used. The most common lens materials are plastic, glass, and polycarbonate. Plastic lenses are the cheapest option, starting at about $50; Polycarbonate lenses are more durable and costly than plastic, starting at about $100; While high-index glass lenses are the most expensive option, starting at about $200;

Vooglam's self-developed prescription lenses can cost no more than $200 under the premise of ensuring quality, which is beneficial to our consumers.

The optometrist holds a pilot frame in their hand, while the woman holds different types of prescription lenses.

The lenses with high refractive index tend to have higher prices

Second, the specific vision prescription is also an important factor in determining the cost of manufacturing prescription lenses. Different eyesight requires lenses with different refractive indices, and the production cost of prescription lenses with high refractive index always tends to be higher than low refractive index.

High refractive index reading glasses

Prescription lenses may have a brand premium

The brand of lenses is another factor to consider. The average cost of prescription lenses from famous brands such as Zeiss may be more expensive than other brand's  lenses. But from a practical point of view, we always choose cost-effective prescription lenses. For example, the same low-refractive index single-vision prescription lens Vooglam only costs $5, while some luxury brands cost $40 or more.

Vooglam lenses offer excellent quality without the need for high costs

Lenses coating can increase the cost

Furthermore, coatings such as anti-blue light and anti-scratch coatings can protect lenses and improve visual quality. But they also increase the additional cost of the purchase of lenses.

In summary, The average cost of prescription lenses without frames can vary significantly by lenses type, prescription strength, and brand premium. However, investing in high-quality lenses and lens coatings can be a valuable investment in your vision and eye health.

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