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Fashionable full rim prescription glasses

By Vooglam

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What is full rim glasses?

Full rim glasses, also known as full frame glasses, are characterized by a solid frame that encases the entire lens, with a fashionable and dressy appearance. Full rim prescription glasses are also known for their durability and protection for the lenses, as the solid frame helps to keep them safe from collisions or scratches.

Fashionable full rim prescription glasses

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More style full rim prescription glasses

When it comes to full-rim prescription glasses, square or rectangular shaped frames are the most common, and these two are classic full-rim styles. But Vooglam offers a variety of styles for full rim prescription frames, such as the more popular cat eye style or geometric frame, you'll find it at Vooglam.

square full rim frame glasses

Fashionable full rim glasses

In terms of fashion, full rim prescription glasses can be found in a range of colors and patterns to suit any personal style from classic black frames to trendy tortoise shell or bold patterns.

In addition to square and rectangular shapes, full rim round frames are the popular option. The full rim round frames have a softer and more retro vibe with vintage charm to people's eyewear.

tortoise shell full rim glass

Transparent full rim frames

Another unique and stylish option of full rim frames is transparent style. Transparent frames are a great choice for those who want a more subtle and minimalistic look, as they blend in seamlessly with any outfit.

transparent full rim prescription glasses

There are also many different styles of full rim prescription glasses to choose from, including classic, modern, and trendy designs. Many frames also come with additional features such as spring hinges for a more comfortable fit, or adjustable nose pads for a customizable fit.

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