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How to apply eye makeup with frame glasses? | Vooglam

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Do you want to make your eyes look better with frame glasses? Then learn some tips on how to apply eye makeup with frame glasses! You will be able to master some tips from base makeup to eyeshadow, from eyelashes to frames to create a delicate and practical makeup with frame glasses that will make you stand out from the crowd and attract more attention.

Don't be too heavy with the foundation

If your foundation is too heavy, it will easily show up on the bridge of your nose and around your ears. The right way is to reduce the amount of foundation for eye makeup, avoiding the areas where the frames of glasses will touch, then use a makeup brush or sponge to push away the foundation, and finally use a powder or powder to set the whole makeup to reduce the situation of glasses sliding down or appearing pressure marks.

Brighten up your face

Many girls' faces will suddenly become darker when they put on glasses. This is because the facial contours will be covered by glasses, and the frame will also play a shadow on the face, so the whole face will suddenly become dull. The frames of the eyeglasses will not only cover the dark circles under the eyes but also highlight the forehead, cheekbone, brow bone, and chin to offset the shadows of the frames and add brightness to the makeup.

Avoid using long false eyelashes

If you put on long false eyelashes, they will often hit the lens if they are too long. The right way is to curl your eyelashes and apply a light coat of mascara, which can also magnify the effect on your eyes. If you really can't give up false eyelashes, go for short and not-too-long styles!

The Mascara is too long and too much

Also, to prevent your lashes from touching the lens, avoid using mascara that curls or lengthens your lashes. You should also avoid applying multiple layers of mascara. Otherwise, your lashes will fall faster and become botched. It is best to apply only two coats: the first lightly on the entire row of lashes and the second near the base. Lastly, remember to wait until the mascara is completely dry before putting on your glasses!

Matching eye shadow and frame style

The frames themselves can be worn as decoration, and the color of the eye shadow can be coordinated with the style of the frames if it increases the overall sense of fashion. Purple eye shadow and gold frames can make the eyes appear brighter. Brown eyeshadow and black frames can make the eyes deeper, while black frames can make the whole look more minimalist.

In the end, it is not difficult to apply eye makeup with frames, you just need to pay attention to some small details above to make the makeup look perfect. By mastering these eye shadows with frame style and other skill tips, you can easily create a different frame glasses makeup look that will make your makeup look better.

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