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How to choose frame glasses for kids?

By Vooglam

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Choosing the right eyeglass frames for your kid is crucial for their comfort, safety, and style. Kids of varying ages have distinct requirements in terms of size and specifications. In this guide, we provide helpful tips on choosing the best frame glasses for kids, considering factors such as comfort, durability, and age-appropriate styles.Vooglam kids glasses Joseph  8-12 age

Prioritize Comfort and Durability in Kids' Glasses

When choosing eyeglass frames for kids, comfort and durability should be at the forefront. A comfortable and durable pair of glasses not only contribute to your kid's overall eye health but also ensures they can be worn for extended periods. Active kids require frames that can withstand rough treatment. High-quality acetate, TR90, and eco-friendly, hypoallergenic materials are commonly used in kids' eyeglasses, as they offer increased durability.

A pair of cat-eye frame glasses in Girl's hand

Choose Age-Appropriate Frames

Ages 1-3: Focus on Safety and Comfort

For boys and girls aged 1-3, prioritize safety and comfort when selecting eyeglass frames. Opt for soft, lightweight, and hard-wearing materials, and consider installing non-slip pads on the arms of the glasses for added safety. Suitable frame dimensions for this age stage are typically 40-45 mm for lens width, 13-16 mm for nose bridge width, 25-35 mm for lens height, and 110-120 mm for temple length.

Ages 4-7: Ensure Stability for School-Aged Kids

As kids aged 4-7 enter school, the stability of their eyesight becomes increasingly vital. Choose medium-width frames with a comfortable nose bridge position to guarantee a snug fit and uncompromised eyesight. The recommended dimensions for this age stage are 42-47 mm for lens width, 14-17 mm for nose bridge width, 30-40 mm for lens height, and 120-130 mm for temple length.

Ages 8-12: Balance Style and Functionality

Children aged 8-12 may prefer stylish eyeglass frames in addition to comfort and durability. Involve them in the decision-making process, letting them choose frames they feel confident wearing. The recommended dimensions for this age stage are 45-50 mm for lens width, 15-18 mm for nose bridge width, 35-45 mm for lens height, and 130-140 mm for temple length.

Keep in mind that the suggested size ranges are for reference only and should be tailored to your kid's specific eyesight prescription measurements.

A boy wearing frame glasses

Helping Your Kid Adapt to Wearing Glasses

Introducing frame glasses to kids for the first time may be met with resistance. By involving them in the process of selecting their favorite frames, they are more likely to accept wearing glasses and feel confident in their new accessory. Popular colors for kids' frames include pink, blue, and green, with round and oval shapes being the most common. Choosing the appropriate size for your kid's age stage is essential for a comfortable and secure eyewear experience.

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