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How to choose glasses frames?

By Vooglam

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A pair of eyeglass frames that fit your face will be more comfortable to wear, and at the same time if you choose the right style can also make your face look more beautiful and also enhance your self-confidence to keep your mood happy. This is also the original purpose of writing this post on how to choose eyeglass frames.

How to choose glasses frames by face shape

How to choose glasses frames to suit your style and face shape?

In the past, eyeglasses were usually used for vision correction, but nowadays, due to the diversification of eyeglass frame styles, eyeglasses are becoming a style choice for trendsetters. Choosing a pair of glasses that suits your style and face shape can make your appearance more outstanding; but how to choose eyeglass frames according to your face shape? The following is a combination of several common face shapes, to provide you with targeted selection advice.

face shapes

Round faces

As most people know, the first choice for a round face is of course a square frame! Rectangular glasses are better if they are set higher. Angled square frames and the frame border lines should be thin, which is conducive to modifying the facial lines. This makes your face appear more contoured and more energetic!

Oval-shaped faces

Oval-shaped faces have uniform proportions of lines and outlines. You can try round frames, square frames, geometric frames, and cat-eye glasses. Glasses frames with thicker frames are no problem, but they can add some heaviness.

Diamond Face

A diamond-shaped face is also known as a diamond-shaped face. The cheekbones are wider, the forehead and the chin are narrower, andt the diamond-shaped face and the long face, the international diva Rihanna is the representative of this face shape.

Fortunately, people with this face shape can wear a round frame or oval frame, which will soften the contours of the face. You can also choose frames with bright colors to make the face contour look better. There are still many choices in choosing glasses frames.

Heart-shaped face

A broad forehead, narrow chin, and broad cheekbones are the main features of a heart-shaped face. People with heart-shaped faces can wear a frame with a smaller height, such as a rectangular one. It is best not to wear those with upturned corners like cat eyes.

Square face

Square-shaped faces are well-defined and are a particularly distinctive type of masculine features. Of course, there are also square faces among women, such as the Italian actress Sophia Loren. The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and chin are relatively close, and round glasses and square faces are a paradigm match.

How to choose glasses frames by skin tone?

Picking frames based on face shape can help determine which frames look best. But what is easily overlooked is that when choosing a frame, you should also consider your skin color. Skin color is as important as face shape and hair color.

It's hard to categorize skin tones because each of us has uniquely different shades, but in general, there are three different categories you can use to determine your skin tone:

Light-toned skin

People with lighter skin are suitable for choosing glasses frames with lighter colors, such as soft pink glasses frames.

Medium-toned skin

For medium-colored friends whose skin color is neither dark nor light, you can choose soft glasses frames such as gray-green and light coupling. Do not choose too bright colors, otherwise, it will not match the soft temperament.

Dark-toned skin

People with darker skin are more suitable for warm-toned glasses frames, which can achieve the effect of visual coordination.


Of course, whether it is based on face shape or skin tone, these are the recommended methods of matching, the most important thing is that you like it, so that you can exude inner confidence. The above is to introduce the solution of how to choose eyeglass frames, and hope that it can help those who need to choose eyeglass frames.

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