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How to pick sunglasses for your face shape?

By Vooglam

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One of the easiest accessories for men to add to male faces is sunglasses, so how to pick sunglasses for your face shape? There are still many tricks to picking the right pair of sunglasses for you. There are different types of sunglasses for different face shapes. If you match them properly, they will not only add points to your appearance but also make you look more radiant. It even has the effect of modifying the face shape.

how to choose sunglasses for face shape males? To solve this problem, you need to first divide the face into two categories, round face series or square face series. The specific reference suggestions are as follows:

how to pick sunglasses for the round face series?

1. Male's round face: The forehead and lower palate are fuller. This face shape is suitable for glasses with thicker frames and flat and rectangular lenses so that the face will not have only round lines. Avoid wearing flat or round styles, which will make your face look fatter.

2. Egg-shaped face: People with this type of male face have the most choices and can try a variety of styles. Square, oval, inverted triangle, etc. are all suitable, and there are no restrictions on the frame. It's the best face shape.

how to pick sunglasses for the square face series?

1. Square face: This king of male friends with a wide denomination and chin. How to choose men's sunglasses for this kind of face shape? This face shape is suitable for choosing glasses with a thin frame and rectangular or oval lenses. In particular, the frame with an oval bottom half is added, because the curve of the glasses makes everyone visually different.

2. Rectangular face: For such a face, it is necessary to avoid picking lenses similar to the face, and the frame is better with a streamlined shape, such as the inverted triangle mirror that is popular this year, and a round shape can also be used to improve the visual perception.

how to pick sunglasses for the heart face series?

The heart-shaped face is a face with a narrow forehead and chin. If the prominent part of a person's face is the cheekbones, then it is best to choose glasses with a prominent frame on the upper edge of the frame, so as to modify the face shape, such as a cat-eye, eyebrow frame or rimless half-frame glasses below Frame styles will fit. Also like retro-style round sunglasses and square frames, the upper and lower edges of the frame of this type of sunglasses are wider and the difference is smaller, which will shape the face and appear more appropriate and harmonious.

Of course, this only applies to most face shapes. Males can come to Vooglam to choose the sunglasses that suit them according to their different facial shapes. As long as you combine the skills mentioned above, you can easily solve how to choose sunglasses for your face shape problem.

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