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How to prevent myopia in children?

By Vooglam

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How to prevent myopia in children

Myopia is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. However, among myopic children, a large proportion is caused by external factors, such as prolonged eye use at close range and weak health. Parents should observe their children for visual fatigue, dizziness, and headaches, which can be precursors to myopia. How to prevent myopia in children? The answer will be revealed soon.

Parents should pay attention to their children's eye use and diet

Preventing myopia requires the participation of the whole community, schools, and families. Develop reasonable study plans and scientific exercise programs, reduce the amount of homework students have to do, and avoid students staying up late to do their homework.

Cultivate proper eye habits in children

Train your child to develop good eye habits. To read in a well-lit place, read at night with the lighting on and the desk lamp placed in front of the left side, which is good for eye protection. To maintain the correct reading posture, sitting upright, books from the eyes to more than a foot, pen tip from the fingers an inch, chest from the table a fist, reading time should not be too long. At the same time, we should combine work and rest to better prevent myopia.

The role of diet in the prevention of myopia

Diet nutrition should be balanced, which contains trace elements of chromium beneficial to the eyes; also eat more calcium-containing food; usually eat some nuts, which can exercise the facial muscles, drive eye exercise, or adhere to eye exercises.

Myopia correction and treatment methods

The first option, glasses for kids are very convenient to wear, but it's better to not to wear them for too long to avoid other adverse effects.. Contact lenses, this method is effective and can correct vision, but it is inconvenient to wear and requires frequent removal and disinfection. Laser myopia surgery, this method is not recommended for treating myopia in children, and even adults need to be checked for suitability for the surgery before it can be performed. Of the three methods, more people prefer to wear a pair of frames to prevent their eyes from increasing in size.

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