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Discovering Intimacy with Vooglam Glasses: A Journey from Necessity to Style

By Porsha_Garrett

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Picture the scene: you wake up one morning to find the world blurry and your heart races as you realize the reality of an eye infection that has led to severely impaired vision. In a whirlwind of emotions, you are presented with a new reality: you need a pair of glasses.

At first, this realization weighed heavily on me, especially since the daunting price tag made my close friends sob. The exorbitant costs they shared made my wallet shake in fear. I wasn't looking forward to this new page.

With a prescription in hand, I ventured into the nearest optometrist’s office. My hope dwindled as I scanned through rows of uninspiring frames—each pair a bland echo of the next. Settling reluctantly on two pairs, I walked out $286 total.

However, I continued to search for better options. On a whim, I saw a Vooglam's banner on Facebook." Vooglam, I muttered, intrigued. When I clicked through, I was greeted by a variety of bright colors and styles. And the prices? They seemed too good to be true. Skeptical, I entered my prescription information and requested progressive lenses, only to be shocked to find the list price was only $35!

Porsha wearing pink and tortoise shell and white frame prescription glasses

It turns out I didn't waste my time. Even though I chose standard shipping, my glasses arrived in 11 days. After trying on the "Ronaldo" frames, I knew I had struck gold - they were perfect in every way.

Later, while running errands, the compliments on my new glasses were endless. Every "I love your glasses!" Each gave me a newfound excitement for Vooglam, and I proudly shared my discovery.

Now, fast forward to the present: I have over 100 pairs of Vooglam glasses in my collection. This may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but having a pair for every occasion, mood, and outfit is an irresistible fashion statement I can't resist. Vooglam isn't just about affordability, it's about embracing fashion without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

With ongoing BOGO offers, price drops, and a rewarding points program, Vooglam transforms a mundane necessity into a delightful indulgence — my glasses are not just visual aids; they are a statement of my style.

I have had a great time getting along with Vooglam as a Vooglam ambassador for more than a year. Not only has an exclusive discount code "PORSHA15" named after been set up so that people who use this discount code can save a fortune, But Vooglam also released four new styles of fashionable frames named after Porsha, all four styles are fashionable. The aviator shape, bright colors, style, and unique designs reflect my personality well.

Black temples, pink inner frame, and black outer frame, the overall appearance is in the shape of a double-bridge aviator frame

If you're on the fence about Vooglam, consider this my wholehearted endorsement. Embrace your look, ignite your glamor, and perhaps like me, you'll find a little bit of yourself in each unique frame. Here’s to looking great and seeing even better!