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prescription driving sunglasses for drivers

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When you go out on the street or go on vacation, you can enjoy the sun to the fullest by wearing sunglasses, but it is another matter when you are in the car. The dazzling light during driving can easily interfere with the driver's vision. Many friends will wear a pair of driving sunglasses at this time, so that the light becomes less dazzling. But some people say that driving with sunglasses will affect your vision. So do you need to wear prescription sunglasses while driving? If you wear them, what kind of sunglasses are more reliable?

Questions about driver friends choosing sunglasses

A driver friend once consulted the customer service of Vooglam sunglasses and said: "I am a taxi driver. At noon or afternoon, the sun is dazzling, which especially affects driving safety. My eyes have 500 degrees of myopia. How do I choose the prescription driving sunglasses?" . The following is a detailed answer to this question.

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What is a prescription driving sunglasses

Driving sunglasses, like regular glasses, are available in both prescription and non-prescription. The above situation that affects the vision may be due to the wearing of non-prescription sunglasses. Prescription driving sunglasses usually refers to the sunglasses that drivers with vision problems need to wear when driving. Of course, this kind of glasses requires a prescription whether ordering glasses in brick-and-mortar stores or online.

How to get your driving sunglasses prescription?

The prescription is the basis for the sunglasses. We go to an optical shop or an ophthalmology department in a hospital to get spectacles fitted, and the optometrist will give us a prescription for spectacles.

Of course, we also need to understand some data on the prescription. OD: oculus dextrus represents the pupillary distance of the right eye; OS: oculus sinister, represents the pupillary distance of the left eye; Sph: spherical, the degree of myopia or hyperopia, negative numbers are myopia, positive numbers are hyperopia ; Cyl: cylinder, astigmatism degree, negative number is myopia, positive number is hyperopia; Axis: astigmatism axis degree; PD: pupillary distance, interpupillary distance. OD and OS are both Latin abbreviations.

After getting your own prescription form, choose the style you like in the online glasses brand Vooglam store, click to fill in your own prescription, and you can look forward to glasses like waiting for a gift.

Driving sunglasses prescription is a good choice for driver friends

Driving sunglasses prescription can reduce the damage caused by strong light to the eyes while maximizing the retention of beneficial light, effectively blocking ultraviolet rays, and making daily work more comfortable. At the same time, this lens can retain beneficial light and enhance brain activity, preventing Fatigue while driving. The glasses allow drivers to have a better driving experience both day and night.

Precautions for prescription sunglasses for driving

Don't choose sunglasses that are too dark

Don't choose sunglasses that are too dark in color. Wearing dark sunglasses may cause visual delay and pose a safety hazard. Choose sunglasses so that you can see the lines on your palms clearly. Drivers who often wear sunglasses should not choose sunglasses with too large or heavy frames. Such sunglasses will make the driver's face swell and numb and distract the driver from driving.

Polarized sunglasses is better choice

It is best for drivers to wear polarized sunglasses when driving. Polarized lenses can completely block the dazzling glare caused by various factors such as scattering and reflection. Light-shielding sunglasses are suitable for those who are chronically afraid of light, or who have larger pupils and are more sensitive to light. When choosing the color of the lens, it is recommended to choose dark green, which has the best shading effect without over-stimulating the pupil.

prescription sunglasses for driving

Wearing contact lenses is not recommended

Wearing contact lenses followed by sunglasses is not recommended. If the driver has eye disease and cannot wear contact lenses, he can wear myopia glasses and add a colored clip. Some drivers are slightly short-sighted and like to wear sunglasses without prescriptions. In fact, this is a wrong approach, because the eyes are easily fatigued and vision will decline.

Good vision is particularly important for driving safety. Wearing appropriate prescription sunglasses can greatly reduce the interference of the sun and various lights on the road. Therefore, Prescription driving sunglasses can provide drivers with a higher safety factor and a more comfortable visual experience than ordinary sunglasses.

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