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What are acetate glasses frames?

By Vooglam

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With the increasing number of myopia and people's demand for the fashion attributes attached to glasses, the glasses market is booming. There are also various materials for making glasses on the market. Today, Vooglam will first introduce you to the acetate glasses.

What is acetate frame material?

The scientific name of the acetate frame material is cellulose acetate, which is a thermoplastic material. It has the characteristics of good transparency, easy coloring, easy polishing, good hand feeling, good performance, no aging, not easy to burn, good light resistance, and will not be affected by human skin or secretions.

What are acetate glasses frames

The difference between acetate frames and ordinary materials

In terms of method, Acetate is very different from ordinary plastic making. Acetate frames must go through the process of cutting the frame and temple from a whole piece of raw material, and then carry out strict grinding and polishing procedures. complex program.

The products produced by this method are of good quality, but the corresponding cost will be higher. At the same time, due to the certain curvature and proportion of the frame and the temple, the requirements for the design and production process are also higher.

What are the characteristics of acetate glasses?

Acetate glasses have a bright luster, and they are also very convenient to match with clothes. They are today's all-match frames. The frames are colorful, beautiful in shape, and have good hardness and durability. They are liked by many people. Some high-end acetate glasses The produced sheet metal frame is more beautiful, fashionable and high-end.

According to the different materials, the acetate frame is also divided into different materials. There are two kinds of acetate frames, namely the acetate frame and the injection frame. Good impact, slightly less recovery.

What are acetate glasses frames

Epoxy resin is a high-grade acetate series material with low density, stable coloring and size, strong heat resistance and hardness, good gloss, and high strength. Brittle, easy to break when bent. Propylene fiber is not easily affected by the environment, is not easy to change color, has good temperature resistance, impact resistance, good flexibility, good dimensional stability and good formability.

The acetate material is structurally strong and durable, suitable for daily and sports wear. It can be seen that the sheet material is an excellent material, and the glasses made can also well meet people's daily needs.

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