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What Are Gradient Sunglasses?

By Vooglam

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Definition of gradient sunglasses

Gradient sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun's glare they also offer chic style, with lens colors that fade from darker at the top to lighter at the bottom. This design effectively blocks the sun's irritating rays from above the line of sight, and the gradual lightening of the lower portion of the lenses provides a clearer view when adapting to indoor or shaded environments.

cat eye shaped metal material frame sunglasses gradient sunglasses

Image source: unsplash

A Brief History of Gradient Sunglasses

In the 1930s, during World War II, there was a need to provide U.S. Air Force pilots with eyewear that would allow them to see the instrument panels of their airplanes while effectively blocking the sun's rays. Gradient sunglasses were born out of this need. The gradient lenses have a special coating on the upper part of the lens for added protection, while the lower part of the lens is uncoated so that the pilot can see the airplane's instrument panel. To this day, gradient lenses have evolved to become the type of sunglasses chosen by many fashion enthusiasts.

Pilot wearing gradient sunglasses sitting on an airplaneImage source: unsplash

How do gradient lenses work?

Gradient sunglasses have lenses that are tinted from the top down, with the top of the lenses being the darkest and the bottom of the lenses becoming progressively lighter, a change in tint that effectively limits and regulates the intensity of the sun's rays. Gradient lenses are also very useful when driving a vehicle during the day, as driving with anti-glare glasses is safer at night when the light is dimmer. When driving during the daytime with just regular sunglasses, the contrast between the brightness of the light outside and inside the car is not obvious, and it is difficult to see the darker areas when you shift your eyes to the interior of the car.

A pair of Gradient Sunglasses in the shape of a bull's horn on the beach.Image source: unsplash

Different types of gradient sunglasses

Not all gradient sunglasses are created equal. There are single gradient lenses (darker on top and lighter on the bottom) and double gradient lenses. Each type of gradient lens has its own purpose and caters to different needs and preferences. Single gradient lenses are more common with a darker top color and a lighter bottom color. The top limits the glare of the sun in the sky, and the brighter areas through the bottom of the lens have a clear view at the same time. Double gradient lenses are darker at the top and bottom of the lens and lighter in the middle, limiting glare to a greater extent.

Three different styles of Gradient Sunglasses.

Advantages of wearing gradient sunglasses

First of all, they can enhance visual comfort and benefit eye health. That is, they provide adequate protection from harsh sunlight, while the lighter-colored lenses at the bottom ensure that you can still see clearly, especially indoors or in dimly lit environments.

Gradient sunglasses can be multi-style, from aviator lenses to Wayfarers gradient lenses come in a wide variety of styles and frames for a unique combination of functionality and fashion. Whether you're at the beach or in the city, gradient sunglasses go perfectly with any outfit.

Amber-colored Sunglasses lenses with tortoiseshell frames.

Disadvantages of gradient sunglasses

Gradient lens color usually does not block UV rays or provide UV protection. It will only diminish the intensity of the sun's rays hitting your eyes. If you are looking for glasses with UV protection, then lenses with UV protection markings are a must.

Should I buy gradient sunglasses?

Gradient sunglasses are effective in blocking out glare so that you can have a comfortable viewing experience when you are outdoors. Gradient sunglasses are great for driving, especially in snowy conditions where your vision is more likely to be interrupted by glare, and gradient sunglasses are designed to help you block out as much glare as possible. So it's worth a try.

Why are gradient sunglasses a must-have accessory?

Gradient sunglasses are not just a trendy accessory, they are the perfect combination of style, comfort, and eye protection, they also reduce the intensity of the sunlight hitting your eyes. Why not put on a pair of gradient sunglasses and see the world through stylish new lenses?

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