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What are progressive prescription glasses?

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Eyeglasses with multiple focal points can be called progressive RX glasses. They appeared in 1907. The design was inspired by the appearance of an elephant's trunk. The original purpose was to correct the vision of presbyopic patients. However, it can also be used by teenagers and adults with vision problems after constant development.Two types of progressive prescription glasses lenses

The main types of multifocal lenses on the market

There are two progressive multifocal lenses on the market today, one hard and the other soft. The main difference between these two designs is the length of the progressive channel.

The hard channel is a design in which the edges of the channel are more distinct and defined, usually by more pronounced lines or zones that differentiate different areas of vision. This design makes transitions clearer and allows for easier switching of vision focus.

On the other hand, the soft channel has a smoother and more seamless transition design, with no distinct lines or areas to separate different areas of vision. Soft channel transitions are more natural, allowing for smoother and more comfortable visual switching.

How to choose frames for progressive glasses?

The frames for progressive glasses need to be stable and not loose. It is best to choose a kind of full frame, and a pair of rimless frames is unsuitable. Frames cannot be the aviator style, and the near-use area must be reserved enough.

The position of the pile head of the frames should not be too thick. The purpose is to adjust the forward inclination angle when wearing. The thick pile head and the double-pile head are not recommended for adjustment. Choose S-shaped nose pads, the function is to adjust the pupil height and lens distance after processing. U-shaped nose pads and integrated nose pads with frames are not suitable.

Furthermore, the frame height cannot be too small size. Instead of choosing smaller-sized, oversized frames are used as a substitute. The best frame height for the short channel is between 26-28mm, and it is best to control it within 30mm. If the long channel is appropriate, you can choose a higher one, such as 30-34mm. It should be noted that the height of the frame is not as high as possible.

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Progressive Glasses Lenses Pros and Cons

The Pros of Progressive Lenses

1. Beautiful appearance

Compared with bifocal lenses, because the change of lens power is gradual and does not produce jumps, the appearance is the same as that of ordinary single-vision lenses, and there is no obvious dividing line.

2. Easy to wear

Clear vision is obtained at all distances in the visual field. A pair of glasses satisfies the use of distance, near, and intermediate distances simultaneously. For the presbyopia crowd, the trouble of taking off and wearing glasses frequently is avoided.

3. Multipurpose

Whether it is progressive glasses for myopia control, presbyopia, or astigmatism can be worn.

The Cons of Progressive Lenses

1. Optometry is difficult

Optometrists have high requirements for experience in fitting glasses and the accuracy of lenses. Many optometrists cannot provide accurate vision services for people who are suitable for wearing progressive glasses due to a lack of professionalism and experience, which hinders the promotion of progressive lenses.

2. The field of view at medium and near distances is relatively narrow

Objects become blurred when viewed through the blurred vision zone around the lens. Therefore, first-time wearers turn their heads more and fewer eyeballs when looking at things, and try to use the far-use area, near-use area, and medium-distance area to see objects.

3. It takes a long time for the wearer to adapt

It is necessary to change eye habits, and it usually takes about a week to get used to it. When wearing progressive multifocal glasses for the first time, you may experience: slight dizziness, and shaking when walking, and be careful when moving up the stairs. First-time wearers should not drive immediately or do strenuous exercise. When looking up close, the eyes need to be turned down, and the eyes are slightly uncomfortable.

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Who Should Wear Prescription Progressive Glasses?

Patients with presbyopia

The purpose of prescription progressive glasses is to correct presbyopia, which can be more natural and comfortable when correcting, and it is very convenient to use because a pair of glasses can play a variety of glasses so that they can be cleaned when looking at a distance. Not blurry up close.

Young people with myopia

It is also suitable for teenagers with myopia, because it can adjust the focus with distance, which has a control effect on the development of myopia in teenagers, and can avoid further decline in vision, but note that it is only adjustment rather than prevention, so to avoid vision deterioration requires scientific use of eyes.

People who use their eyes frequently

If people often need to use computers or mobile phones, their vision is prone to fatigue. Progressive glasses can reduce these fatigue at work, and can also reduce this situation in life, so it is also suitable for adults, especially teachers, teachers, programmers, etc.

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Who are not progressive glasses suitable for?

People with motor system disorders, poor balance ( such as motion sickness, seasickness, or similar symptoms of vertigo ), and inner ear dysfunction are also not suitable for wearing progressive lenses, especially when fitting rigid progressive lenses.

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Not suitable for people who need to look up at close objects, such as librarians, pilots, and plumbers. Not suitable for people who need to look down into the distance, such as construction workers. Larger strabismus, amblyopia, high anisometropia, high blood pressure, people with higher requirements for vision and medium and near vision, and the elderly.

Precautions for wearing progressive prescription glasses

It must be noted that the wearing time should not exceed 8 hours, and you must choose the one that suits you. It should be matched with a larger frame, and the ex-wife needs about a week to get used to it, and dizziness may occur, so travel slowly, and go downstairs. The glasses should be lowered and viewed from the upper remote area to avoid stepping on the air.

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How about progressive glasses prices?

Since the cost of progressive glasses is higher in terms of manufacture and assembly, prices are more expensive than bifocal and single-vision lenses. However, as more and more people choose to wear progressive glasses, the market drives the advancement of technology, and the current technical conditions can reduce manufacturing costs through precision machining.

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