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The Evolution of Eyewear: Anjelica Thompson's Personal Journey

By Anjelica

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Anjelica Thompson's Childhood Challenges with Eyewear

Angelica Thompson's journey into eyewear began in her elementary school years when she was confused and intrigued by her stepfather's discussions about contact lenses. In fifth grade, she realized she needed a pair of glasses, which left her with mixed feelings, not the least of which was the teasing she received at school. Her mother's reassuring words gave her comfort, emphasizing that wearing glasses was for her own good, no matter what others thought.

Transitioning to Contact Lenses: A Symbol of Maturity and Independence

As Thompson grew older, the promise of contact lenses became more than a replacement for eyeglasses; it was a rite of passage. Learning about contacts is a journey in itself. It involves a thorough eye exam, an understanding of the intricacies of contact lenses on the cornea, and a realization of the responsibility that comes with wearing contact lenses. This stage marks a major transition in Thompson's life and symbolizes Thompson's gradual independence and entry into adolescence.

Contact Lenses on one finger

Navigating the world of eyewear: contact lenses, glasses and fashion trends

Over time, Thompson's choice of eyewear oscillated between contact lenses and glasses. Each stage of her life reflected different needs and fashion trends. In high school, eyeglasses started to become fashionable, which marked a shift in her outlook. Later, after entering the workforce, she decided to juggle both contact lenses and eyeglasses to accommodate the practicality of her lifestyle and the ever-changing fashion trends.

The evolution of eyewear: fashion and function at the same time

At the turn of the century, eyewear fashion underwent a major shift. Once mundane and purely functional, eyewear evolved into a fashion accessory. Thompson's story reflects this shift. In recent years, she has increasingly favored glasses over contacts, not only as a personal choice but also as a reflection of broader fashion trends. Driven by companies such as Vooglam, the variety and style of modern eyewear offer endless possibilities for expressing individuality.

Anjelica with butterfly eyeglasses

Ambassadorial role: influencing eyewear fashion

As an ambassador for Vooglam, Thompson's journey has come full circle. She now champions the versatility of eyewear and fashion-forwardness. Her role allows her to experiment with different styles, colors, and trends, showcasing eyewear as a key element of fashion. While she still appreciates the functionality of contact lenses, her narrative emphasizes her deeper understanding of the aesthetic value of eyewear.

Anjelica wearing tortoiseshell frame glasses

Anjelica Thompson's eyewear journey, from initial reluctance to embrace eyewear to becoming an eyewear fashion trendsetter, exemplifies the dynamic nature of vision correction and fashion. Her story is a testament to the ever-evolving eyewear industry, where style meets function and personal choice meets fashion trends.