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Try ordering the first glasses at Vooglam

By Antoinette

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Antoinette wearing square shape mixd material frame glasses

A new chapter as a Vooglam Ambassador

I am excited to share my journey as a new Vooglam Ambassador. It all started with my quest for unique and expressive eyewear, which resonated with my love of bold and colorful design.

Discovering Vooglam: The Surprise

I discovered Vooglam by accident. I was browsing the internet when an advertisement for Vooglam showing an impressive collection of eyewear caught my eye. Their eyewear collection coincides with my personal style, with bold and beautiful designs. At first, I was skeptical about ordering glasses online, especially considering the novelty of doing so in the Netherlands. I was worried about delivery, quality, and overall service.

First purchase: a leap of faith in Vooglam

Vooglam's eyeglasses, especially the "Fredia in black" style, were affordable and innovative enough to convince me to place my first order. The ordering process was easy and only required my prescription. Their customer service staff was very helpful in making sure my order was accurate and to my satisfaction.

Fredia oversized frame glasses

Arrival: beyond expectations

The glasses arrived quickly thanks to the express shipping option. I was impressed with the secure packaging and quality of the product. Often, online orders can be hit or miss, but Vooglam delivered exactly what was promised - stylish and affordable eyewear that was exactly as described online.

An ever-expanding collection: the joy of variety

Since my first purchase, my Vooglam eyewear collection has grown. I can't help but add to my collection because of the quality, affordability, and variety of eyewear. Vooglam has eyewear for everyone - men, women, kids, prescription, non-prescription, sunglasses, and more.

Antoinette with green glasses from Vooglam

Exclusive Offer: Special Discount Code

I'm pleased to share with you an exclusive discount code: Antoinette83, which gives you 15% off your purchase, so explore Vooglam's wide range of products and find the perfect pair of eyewear for you.

Vooglam's website: a hub for great deals

Vooglam's official website (www.vooglam.com) is not only full of eyeglasses but also a treasure trove of deals and discounts. I'm sure you'll enjoy Vooglam as much as I do.

Stay in touch and share your Vooglam experience!

In the next blog, I'll be going in-depth about the different sizes and styles of Vooglam. I'd love to hear about your first Vooglam experience. Please connect with me on Instagram (antoinette_de_jong), Facebook (Antoinette de Jong), or email me at avanmierlo@hotmail.com.