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Are cheap prescription glasses worth it?

By Vooglam

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Are cheap prescription glasses glasses worth it

If you were taken aback by the price of new glasses from your eye doctor, you may be considering buying cheap glasses online next time. While purchasing glasses online can save you money, you generally receive more personalized service at an optical store.

However, some glasses wearers have found a way to get the best of both worlds by taking a hybrid approach.

If you're trying to decide whether to save money on glasses or opt for personal service and often higher prices at your eye doctor’s office, here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons of buying cheap glasses:

Pros of buying cheap eyeglasses:

Buying glasses online can save you money, time, and trips to the eye doctor or vision center. Here are four reasons why you should consider buying cheap glasses online:

  1. 1, Cost savings:
    A standard pair of glasses with a few extras, such as shatter-resistant lenses with anti-reflective coating, can cost over $400, according to VSP, the largest vision insurance provider in the U.S. However, online glasses are often available for less than 25% of that price.

For example, you can find stylish aviator glasses with mid-range frames and lenses with anti-scratch, water-repellant, and UV protective coatings for less than $120.

  1. 2, Stack your savings with special deals:
    You can save even more money by using online coupon codes andVooglamtage of glasses deals. Many online retailers offer seasonal sales that can save you 20% or more on a pair of glasses. Optical shops and vision centers that sell glasses also hold periodic sales. For instance, Vooglam offers half-off sales on frames at specific times of the year.
  1. 3, Quick and convenient:
  2. You can order cheap eyeglasses from the comfort of your own home in under 30 minutes, anytime day or night. That's much more convenient than trying to find time to visit an optical shop during business hours. Moreover, when you buy glasses online, your new designer frames are delivered directly to your door, eliminating the need for a second trip to the store.
  3. 4, Comparison shopping made easy:
  4. When shopping for eyewear online, you can quickly browse through multiple styles to decide which one to buy. To find the best place to buy cheap glasses online, check the online retailer’s reputation, customer reviews, selection of frames, prices, lens options, and return policies. And don’t forget to note any price-match guarantees. If you are going to a physical store, it may take more time and costs, all spent on the road or waiting.

Disadvantages of buying cheap glasses

Buying cheap glasses online may mean sacrificing personal service, doing more legwork, and not getting the perfect fit. Here‘re 4 disadvantages:

  1. 1, When you shop online, you miss out on the hands-on help of an optician, who can help you select frames that fit well and look good. However, some online retailers offer virtual try-ons that let you see how different frames will look on your face.
  2. 2, Some people with complex prescriptions may not find affordable glasses online that meet their specific needs. However, many online retailers offer a wide range of lens options, including high-index lenses for those with strong prescriptions.
  3. 3, Some vision insurance plans only cover glasses purchased through an optical shop or vision center. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before buying glasses online.
  4. 4, Despite following the online face shape guides and measuring your pupillary distance accurately, you may still be disappointed with the glasses you receive. If this happens, don't worry. Simply contact customer service or use the chatbot to explain the issue and return the glasses. If the issue cannot be easily fixed, the online retailer may offer you a replacement pair.
  5. It's important to remember that purchasing glasses online is often much more affordable than buying them through an eye doctor, which could cost you hundreds of dollars. However, even purchasing glasses through an eye doctor doesn't guarantee a perfect fit upon pickup.

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