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What is the cheapest way to get prescription glasses?

By Vooglam

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Prescription eyeglasses can be quite costly. However, there are several ways to save money on your next pair of glasses without compromising on quality. Here are nine tips to get cheap glasses:

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Shopping online

Shopping for prescription glasses online can be a great way to save money. You can find online discount eyeglass sellers offering prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses at a fraction of the cost you'd pay in-store. Some good options include Vooglam.com and other similar retailers.

To learn about finding online glasses

To get the best deals on eyeglasses online, do a quick search for any online coupon codes you can find. You may even be able to find some sites that will send you coupons if you subscribe to their email newsletter. Also, check to see if your vision insurance can be applied to your online purchase. While some very discounted eyeglass places may not accept vision insurance, you can still try to submit a claim to your insurance company.

Considering upgrading your lenses

If you already own frames that you love, you can save a lot of money by keeping the same frames and updating the lenses with your new prescription. The cost of replacing new lenses in old glasses frames depends largely on your prescription needs, such as progressive lenses.

Maximize Your Vision Insurance Benefits

It's best to check if your vision insurance can be spent as a fixed amount or based on a percentage discount. If it’s a fixed amount, then call your insurer to see how much you have left to spend and try to come close to that.

Open an Account (FSA)

Eyeglasses often count as a qualifying medical expense for flexible spending accounts (FSAs). You can contribute to your FSA each year with pre-tax money and use it for qualifying expenses, including prescription eyewear. By doing this, you get tax savings. But when buying online, you must first confirm whether the store supports it.

Frames Online and Get Lenses off-line:

Frames and lenses are important parts to consider when buying a pair of glasses You can order the frames online and take them to a store to have the prescription lenses installed. Make sure to call ahead to see if the store allows this.

Get Deal By BOGO Prices Off

If your prescription has stopped changing, you can wait for a buy-one-get-one-free sale and get a second pair of eyeglasses for free. Keep the second pair in a safe location and use them as a backup when needed.

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