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Aviator glasses for round face

By Vooglam

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Aviator glasses for people with round face

The characteristic of a round face is that the face has no obvious edges and corners, and the overall appearance is relatively round. Therefore, when people with round faces choose glasses frames as accessories, the first thing to consider is to complement the face shape and improve the facial contour. Aviator glasses are classic, yet stylish. The beam design along the upper edge of the frame is the symbol of aviators. Aviator glasses for people with round face is a highly recommended matching strategy.

retro aviator glasses

Retro Features of Aviators

Another feature of Aviators is their vintage feel. Wearing this style of glasses makes the whole person look like a hero who walked out of the "Top Gun" movie. A person with a round face will be as personable as Maverick after wearing it. Also, if a person's face is not round, this round frame will also look better, because it is not that rigid shape design.

golden aviator glasses for round face

Aviators for small round faces

For a small round face, the most important thing is that the frame should be light. If you have such a small face, what glasses are suitable for you? Then it is recommended that you choose a medium-to-small size aviator frame, and the frame with thin lines will not affect the wearing effect. The lines of the overall design are soft, but also to ensure a good range of clear vision.

aviator frames for round face

Display an aviator glasses frame

The glasses are called Alvira, which is a member of the Vooglam series of frames. It has a signature double-layer nose bridge, with adjustable non-slip silicone nose pads, and traditional hinges. The overall style is a casual trend. The green mirror frame has a sense of high-end fashion, and the printed gold mirror legs are luxurious and unconventional. The classic aviator frame design can better modify the shape of the face and make the face small.

aviator frame for round face

Alvira green aviator frames glasses

green aviator frames

New design Vooglam Aviator glasses

Vooglam glasses, as well as the aviator series of prescription glasses, retain the main characteristics of this frame, but also incorporate unique fashion elements. It can be used with sun lenses to resist flying strong light, and it can also be used with prescription lenses for vision correction. The aviator glasses designed by Vooglam inherit the classics and are used for innovation, not only for round faces but also for heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces.

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