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Designer aviator prescription eyeglasses - Vooglam frames

By Vooglam

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Designer aviator eyeglasses are very popular

A suitable frame can not only make the facial features more coordinated, but also improve the overall outfit and increase the sense of fashion! If there is a 2022 most popular list for eyeglass frame styles, designer aviator eyeglasses will definitely rank top 1.

designer aviator prescription glasses

The reason why it is called aviator style glasses is because there is an extra bar on the top of the glasses, and the position of the nose pad is higher than that of ordinary glasses, which can visually increase the height of the bridge of the nose. It was originally intended to strengthen the stability of the glasses and prevent the frame from deforming, but now this design has a more fashionable feel.

Design concept aviator frames for prescription glasses

The aviator frame was originally a frame specially designed for pilots in the 1940s and 1950s. The original design of this type of spectacle frame is used for prescription glasses to achieve optical functions, and when worn by pilots, it can resist the damage caused by sunlight to the eyes and will not affect the pilot's driving. Later, it was praised by major stars such as Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson, and aviator spectacles became popular as a styling match.


Alvira aviator frames glasses

Aviator prescription glasses suitable for face shape

Ordinary prescription glasses can be used to correct vision problems, but designer aviator prescription glasses can be used for different face shapes to highlight the lines of the face and achieve the effect of modifying the face shape. For example, people with an oval face or a rectangle face can significantly improve the proportions of their faces.

women with aviator glasses frame - Alvira

The Aviator eyeglasses designer style is a minimal design style. Most of the frames are flat on the top edge of the beam, and the bottom edge of the frame is curved. People with round faces are also suitable for this style of glasses. It not only strengthens the line between the bridge of the nose and the eyebrow line, but also enriches the overall level of the curvature of the bottom edge of the frame sense.

men with aviator glasses frame - Alvira

Try your first designer aviator eyeglasses at Vooglam

Ready to try out this style of the frame? Aviators are one of Vooglam's most popular styles. Compared with other styles, Vooglam pays more attention to the inheritance of the classic elements of the aviator frame, and then the unique fashion design innovation, and finally formed the color matching, line outline, and aviator style ingeniously. combined. With the Black Friday sale just around the corner, now is the perfect time to try out stylish aviator glasses.

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