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Classic wayfarer frames for prescription glasses

By Vooglam

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The origin of prescription wayfarer frames glasses

Wayfarer style prescription glasses are inspired by the 1950s trend toward streamlined automobile design. Eyewear designers incorporated this streamlined element into the design of their prescription frames, and wayfarer-style prescription glasses were born. With the changes of the times, wayfarer-style frame glasses have gradually become popular among many people.

Wayfarer frames glasses have undergone many redesigns and improvements, and now there are several styles designed by Vooglam that can accommodate different facial shapes and provide better visual protection and comfort.

Wayfarer style frame red blue multicolor eyeglasses

Recommended wayfarer frames for prescription glasses

If you are looking for a new pair of classic and stylish wayfarer eyeglasses frames, here are a few that will give tips on finding the perfect frame for your prescription glasses:

Pereyra frames are designed with a new plastic material called acetate, which is lighter and more durable than traditional metal frames. The use of this material makes the frame not only lightweight and comfortable but also has a stylish look and design.

Pereyra Wayfarer frames

Denbeigh black prescription wayfarer frames glasses are fashionable and casual, made of a mix of quality materials, with a large size frame design and a deep black color that looks like it has been through history, and leaks style and masculinity when worn by men.

denbeigh Wayfarer frames

Martha is more like a combination of various color blocks, the Martha series has a modern art design look, with various colors jumping together to present a unique fashion sense. Many celebrities on Instagram have also worn these classic sunglasses.

Martha Wayfarer frames

Lipford has the quality of a fashion queen, with a low-height frame design and a slightly curved silhouette that is always on trend, even with light makeup, like a dazzling star taking center stage at the Super Bowl. The design of this pair of wayfarer frames glasses is very modern, which is why these glasses were sold out as soon as they went online, if you like this style, you need to pay attention to the store's replenishment status in time.

Lipford Wayfarer frame

Related FAQs to find the right wayfarer frames

In addition to these classic wayfarer style prescription glasses introduced above, Vooglam has more eyeglasses frames for daily wear. Here are some FAQs to share when looking for the right frame to help you when browsing for other styles as well.

How to choose the right size?

If the frames are too large, they will slide off your nose, while frames that are too small will pinch your nose or cause discomfort. vooglam offers frames in three sizes, small, medium, and large, which are explained in the details section.

You can learn how to measure your eyeglasses size at home and acquire the skills to use the tools by offering virtual fittings or learning measurement steps. Use these strategies to make sure you find the perfect pair of glasses frames.

How should you consider your face shape when choosing Wayfarer frames?

Although Wayfarer frames fit many different face shapes, if you have a round face, look for angled frames to complement the curves of your face, such as square frames as well as rectangular, or geometric frames. Conversely, if you have a square face, try round or oval frames to soften your features.

Does the choice of wayfarer frames have an impact on lens prescription?

Theoretically, there is no impact. Wayfarer frames can be used with a variety of prescription lenses, including single-vision, progressive, and bifocal lenses. Also, when choosing prescription glasses, visit your optometrist to get a prescription for a new vision test.

Do you need to consider the material when buying glasses?

The answer is "yes". Eyeglass frames are made of a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and acetate, as well as tr90 and ultra-light titanium frames. Acetate and tr90 are more durable and hypoallergenic than other materials.

In summary

Wayfarer style prescription glasses are a classic, stylish choice that simultaneously complements your style and improves your vision. In addition to the four Wayfarer frame glasses introduced in the first four models, Vooglam Eyewear also has many fashionable frames, including different styles, colors, and materials, to add interest to your daily wear.

Butterfly-shaped glasses frames in three different colors from Vooglam

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