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Finding your perfect full-rimmed glasses

Do you have a round face? Are you looking for the perfect pair of full-frame glasses for your face shape? From a matching point of view, although round shapes do not fit as many frames as oval faces, people with round faces can find frames that fit their face shape just as well after trying on different frames. In the following section, we will explore the best full-rimmed frame glasses for round faces and provide valuable insights to help you find the ideal frame.

Full-rimmed frame glasses for round faces

How to choose full-rim frames for round faces?

Round faces usually have softer contours and look round all day long. The key to finding the perfect glasses is to create balance in appearance and add a different, graceful line to the round shape. When you are looking for full-rimmed glasses, consider the following:

1. Frame shape: Choose full-rimmed frames with angular or geometric shapes, such as rectangles or squares. These shapes can add more geometric lines and angles to your face to help create balance. You should also avoid choosing round or small-sized frames as they may accentuate the roundness of your face.

2. Frame Size: Choose medium to large-sized frames. Oversized frames can also be a good complement to your face decoration because they draw attention to the upper part of your face and make your face look more harmonious.

3. Frame thickness: Thicker full-rim frames can also add contrast to your facial features, while thinner frames may make your face look rounder. However, do not choose frames that are too thick as they can be uncomfortable to wear.

Tortoise frame glasses for women with round faces

Top full-frame glasses options for round faces

With the above analysis now that we know what to look for in full frames, let's next explore a few popular full-frame options for round faces::

1. Wayfarer frame eyeglasses

Wayfarer frame eyeglasses are a timeless classic with a slightly angular design, which makes them a great choice for round faces. Their sturdy full-rimmed frame construction adds contrast to your face, while the slightly upward angles give the impression of a longer, more contoured face.

2. Rectangular frame glasses

Rectangular frame glasses are perhaps the most recommended frame shape for a round face. Their straight design balances and contrasts with the soft curves of a round face. So you can look for rectangular frames with slightly rounded edges for a more comfortable fit.

3. Cat's eye frame glasses

Cat-eye frame glasses are a great choice for round faces because their upswept design elongates and enhances the shape of the face. This frame shape adds a touch of glamour and sophistication while complementing your facial features.

4. Browline frame glasses

Browline frame glasses, also known as Clubmaster-style glasses, feature a thicker top frame and thinner bottom frame. This design draws attention to the upper part of your face and creates a more stylized look for the face.

Final Thoughts

To find full-rimmed frame glasses for round faces where the key is to create balance, add structure to your face, and enhance your overall look. If you have a round face, follow the tips given above and consider the shape, size, and thickness of the frame when choosing a frame. Try different styles of full-rimmed frames like Wayfarer, cat-eye, browline, and more and you will eventually find a pair that makes you feel confident and stylish.

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