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Designer purple glasses frames from Vooglam

By Vooglam

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If you are looking for a pair of colorful vogue eyeglass frames, purple is also a good choice. For the purple glasses frame, this color has a noble feeling, and it is a combination of warm and cool colors, which is composed of red and blue. Women tend to focus more on style and color when choosing glasses frames. So do girls look good in purple glasses frames?

purple glasses frames vooglam x @gabriellaelena

Designer purple glasses frames for women

Purple is an elegant color, but once it is applied to the frame of the glasses, the elegant aristocratic temperament will be magnified. When women wear elegant designer purple glasses frames, coupled with light clothing, they can bring out their aesthetics and vibe, and highlight the charm of women.

5 types of vogue purple glasses frame display

Cat-eye glasses in purple color

This pair of chic cat-eye purple glasses features thick bezels, a plastic main frame with sturdy metal hinges, and metal triangles on the sides for a vintage feel.

Walburga SKU: GOP239668-02

Round purple glasses

The full rim frame round purple glasses is made from premium materials. It is suitable for all kinds of faces, especially for those oval faces.

Round purple glasses

Tiesha SKU: GOP525244-03

Purple rectangle glasses

These rectangle glasses are made of polymer acetate material, and the total width of the frame is 141mm. It is suitable for ladies who like to wear big glasses. The effect design similar to double-sided superimposition makes it look different.

Rectangle purple glasses

Cheyenne SKU: GJGA590888-03

Purple glasses square shape

These glasses can be worn by both men and women, because of its deep purple color and square shape. The classic retro appearance is matched with trendy fashion colors. The style is simple but definitely not ordinary.

purple glasses square shape

Esparza SKU: GWA674792-01

Purple tortoiseshell glasses

There are not many styles of purple tortoiseshell frames glasses. These glasses are independently designed and manufactured by Vooglam. The appearance is an aviator frame, the main color is purple, and the tortoise-style mix-and-match design makes the wearer more attractive and elegant.

tortoise style purple frames

Adnan SKU: GDA246186-04

In general, the purple or other colors glasses have their unique meaning and source of design inspiration. Just like from Voogueme, now the brand is renamed Vooglam, which means a further leap in the brand's fashion positioning. These purple prescription glasses above are just the charming and elegant items launched by Vooglam.

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