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Every time before Halloween is often the busiest time of the festival. Most of my friends will cosplay a variety of styles on the eve of Halloween to hold a party carnival, so today's Halloween is more like a happy festival like Christmas. Do you want to be more eye-catching for this year's Halloween carnival? Next, let Vooglam recommend several Halloween glasses frames for your Halloween party.

Black-rimmed glasses create a sense of mystery

On the eve of Halloween, most people will wear various costumes to drive away the ghosts in the dark night. With the change of concept, Halloween's styling is no longer limited to all kinds of ghosts and animals. It can be a handsome prince, a gentleman full of positive energy, or a humorous magician.

Black-rimmed glasses

At this time, the black frame halloween eyeglasses frames is the best embellishment, with a deepness and a hint of mystery. Although the black frame glasses are more conservative in shape, they are indeed classic and versatile. Even in real life, whether it is a street shot or a show when you can't find more suitable accessories, a pair of trendy "black squares" will make the style more flavorful.

Leopard print glasses unleash your beauty

Mysterious witches, glamorous vampires, or sexy little wild cats are all exclusive to female friends on Halloween. At this time, maybe you need a pair of leopard print spooky eye glasses to add your wildness and sexiness.

leopard print glasses frames

Some people say that the modern women in the concrete jungle, jumping up and down every day, rushing up and down to work, and living a busy life, have a strong sense of identity with the female leopard who has to go out to hunt and raise cubs in the tropical jungle, so leopard tattoos are added to show that. Compassionate with each other. It has also become a hot and popular symbol. Then take it easy this Halloween, have a blast, and unleash your beauty with a pair of leopard-print glasses.

Classic metal glasses frames

In recent years, metal glasses have returned to the top of fashion, and when it comes to the classic Halloween image with metal glasses, the first thing everyone thinks of is Harry Potter. To be honest, Harry Potter and Halloween are very popular with children. So when these fantasy world themes come together, it's sure to be a creepy yet fascinating moment.

Multicolor cat eye meta frame glasses halloween style

However, metal frame Halloween glasses seem to sound more like the necessities of those who pursue nostalgic classic styles. And the wire-framed glasses trend has gained notable popularity in the fashion world. Once you wear them, they instantly provide a vintage and intellectual look. They also make great accessories for Halloween costumes.

Colored frame glasses show different personalities

Although colored-frame glasses are not as mature and stable as black frames, they are indeed full of vitality, so they are very popular among young people. Many styles of Halloween are inseparable from its embellishment, such as lively elves, and quirky little devils, different frame colors will also show different personalities, so if you want to be different this Halloween, then Just get a pair of colored frame glasses.

colored glassses frames

By choosing these frames at the same time, you can fill in vision prescriptions and wear them for daily life or some party occasions. Vooglam's Halloween sunglasses will make for a fun festive experience.

6.95 frame for Halloween

Ding ding ding, knocking on the door, many people will gather together and turn into demons to have a carnival, trick or treat. Halloween is just a few days away, have you figured out how to spend it? Maybe this Halloween, you should try different glasses styles to welcome this magical festival together.

There is also good news the makeup brushes designed by the Vooglam brand have been launched. At present, there are two new styles. Except for Halloween, you can also use these sets to dress up delicately and beautifully.

vooglam makeup brush set

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