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Why do so many kids need glasses now?

By Vooglam

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In modern society, we are increasingly seeing kids wearing glasses. Why do so many kids need glasses now? This is a worrying trend because eye problems can affect a child's learning and quality of life. We will explore this question and provide some valuable insights and solutions.

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Reason Analysis of kids wearing glasses

First, let's look at why more and more kids' glasses are needed these days. Some reasons may include:

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Increased use of digital devices

In modern life, kids are spending more and more time using digital devices. They may spend a lot of time playing video games, using computers, or watching TV, activities that can lead to eye strain and an increased risk of nearsightedness.

Lack of outdoor activities

Many kids today prefer indoor activities, such as watching TV or playing video games, which leaves them with a lack of time outdoors. However, indoor light is usually dimmer compared to the outside world, which is also not good for eye health.

Genetic factors

It is possible that vision problems can run in families. If a kid's parents or grandparents had eye problems, the child may also inherit these problems. However unsuitable living conditions and daily activities also increase the likelihood of vision problems.

Lack of vitamins and other nutrients

When kids are deficient in essential nutrients, their eye vision may be affected. For example, vitamin A is an essential nutrient for maintaining healthy eyes, and a deficiency may lead to dry eye or other vision problems. In addition, deficiencies in vitamins C and E, zinc, and selenium may also lead to eye problems.

What problems might kids experience when they need to wear glasses?

Self-esteem issues

Some kids may feel embarrassed or unsure of themselves because of the need to wear glasses, which can affect their self-esteem and their social life. This can affect their self-esteem and normal social life. Proper guidance from parents or teachers is needed to guide your child about wearing glasses.

Affects learning

If a child's myopia or other eye problems are not corrected in a timely manner, they may have difficulty concentrating in class without corrected vision.

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How can these problems be addressed?

Limit the time spent on digital devices

We should help our kids limit the amount of time they spend on digital devices, whether it's learning through electronic devices or playing games. Also encourage them to participate in more outdoor activities, which can help their eyes relax and restore their vision.

Help your kids adjust to wearing glasses

If your kid needs to wear glasses, we should help them adjust to the process. Talk to your child about the benefits of wearing glasses, such as being able to see clearly, avoiding headaches and eye strain, and so on. You can also give your child a choice of frames that they like so that they feel confident and satisfied.

A mom with her child picking out eyeglasses

Check your child's eyes regularly

We should take our kids to the eye doctor for regular eye examinations. This will ensure that we catch any eye problems in time and take appropriate action. There are now more advanced technological conditions that can detect vision problems in children at a much earlier stage.

Develop a nutritious diet plan

We should have a regular nutritious diet plan for our kids, a varied diet, nutrient supplements, and education about the importance of a healthy diet. These measures can help your child get enough nutrients to keep his or her eyes healthy.

some nutrient-dense vegetables

In short, we should take our kids' eye health seriously. In order to protect their eyesight, we should make a plan for kids, control the time they spend on digital devices, and pay attention to the nutritional mix of kids' meals. In addition, you should take your child to the eye doctor regularly to ensure that changes in vision are detected in time to change the prescription glasses and, if necessary, to provide psychological guidance to your child.

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