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How to choose eyebrow glasses frames?

By Vooglam

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Eyebrow frames have gradually become one of the favorites of literary and artistic youth, and more and more people wear these glasses. There are still many people who want to choose a pair of eyebrow-shaped frames. At this time, the question arises: Is the eyebrow-shaped frame suitable for them? Can it be worn? Many people are afraid to try to buy eyebrow-shaped frames at outlets, one is that they are afraid that the degree is not suitable, and the other is that they are worried that the style will not look good on their own.

Eyebrow glasses frame has become a boon for people

What are the unique features that make the eyebrow frame, which has been silent for more than half a century, make a comeback? Eyebrow frames usually refer to the styles in which the upper edge of the metal frame is also wrapped with a plastic frame, also known as browline glasses frames. Later, glasses designers also made some improvements to the eyebrow frame to meet the needs of more customers. Some eyebrow frames use nylon wire instead of metal wire in the lower part, and the eyebrow frame with metal wire below is stronger. Durable, it is a good news for people with high vision problems.

eyebrow eyeglasses frames for women

The cutting-edge American eyewear brand Vooglam is generally regarded as an eyewear brand leading the trend of eyebrow frames. The eyebrow-shaped frame was very popular in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, but with the progress of the times, there are more choices for the material wrapping the upper edge of the frame. On the whole, although the eyebrow eyeglass frame is a little serious, its calm and nostalgic appearance is still a style that today's gentlemen can't put it down.

From what perspective do you choose this glasses frame?

From an aesthetic point of view, the factors that need to be considered in choosing a suitable pair of eyeglass frames include gender, age, occupation and the matching of clothing. The most important aspect is to consider the fit with the face shape. When choosing glasses, the frame should be at the same level as your eyebrows, so customers who choose eyebrow frames should not have too thick eyebrows, otherwise they will form abrupt double eyebrows.

From the point of view of degree, the improved version of the eyebrow shape for glasses is divided into half frame and full frame, which is suitable for the needs of people with various degrees. People with higher degrees can choose ultra-thin lenses to match them more beautifully! Today, stainless steel frames as thin as paper have also joined the camp of eyebrow glasses frames. It's also lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, making it ideal for long wear while still giving it an elegant feel.

new red browline glasses frames for women

In addition, there is an exaggerated "one-word" eyebrow, which is also favored by some eyeglasses, which is somewhat similar to the aviator frames. The eyebrow-shaped frames in the impression give people a sense of being old-fashioned and outdated. Today's designers have added many fashionable elements to the eyebrow-shaped frames, such as the bright black plastic frame wrapped around the upper edge of the golden frame, and the details are embellished with metal to make it stable. The understated design adds a touch of elegance.

Eyebrow glasses frames from Vooglam

The amber eyebrow frame combined with the warm metal frame perfectly combines modern and retro fashionable styles. The vooglam brand logo is printed on the end of the frame to enhance the texture. This series of Vooglam frames mainly highlights the unique design style, and pays more attention as an accessory decorative and fashionable;

eyebrow glasses frames

Or use a metal frame combined with polymer resin and other materials to perfectly present the texture of the eyebrow frame, showing a unique style of glasses. After reading such an introduction about eyebrow glasses, do you have some interest in this frame if you love eyeglass frames? Why not try it out and get a "makeover" with a pair of brow glasses!

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