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The polygonal glasses frames are suitable for face shapes such as melon faces, long faces, triangular faces, round faces, etc. You need to wear it on your face to see the actual effect to determine whether it is suitable for you. The polygonal glasses frame is very fashionable and has a good face-trimming effect, but it is not suitable for people who are nearsighted, because the lens may be too thick after grinding, which affects the correction effect.

In life, different face shapes have different types of glasses frames that can be worn. If you wear them properly, it will make the whole person look better. Polygonal eyeglass frames are very popular among women who like fashion.

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What face shape is the polygonal glasses frame suitable for?

The polygonal glasses frames, also known as geometric glasses frames, are most suitable for long faces, followed by melon faces, triangular faces, and round faces can also be used. Because a long face should choose a frame with clear edges and corners, and the polygon just meets this requirement. If you have a melon face or a round face, you must pay attention when choosing a polygonal glasses frame. The height of the frame should be higher, and the position of the temple should be moderate.

Polygon glasses frames vogue frames

Are polygonal glasses frames suitable for boys?

The polygonal glasses frame is more fashionable and individual. It is suitable for both girls and boys. The key is to look at their face shape. If a boy with a long face wears a polygonal glasses frame, it will look particularly good, but if it is a square face or an oval face, it may not look good. In addition, the effect of wearing a polygonal frame is different for everyone, so the main thing is to like this style.

Are polygonal glasses frames suitable for boys?

What color is suitable for the polygonal eyeglass frames?

Gold, silver, black, etc. are all good-looking. When choosing eyeglass frames, it's best to match your skin tone. If your skin tone is fairer, you can choose these colors. If your skin tone is darker, you can choose silver polygonal glasses frames. If the skin tone is yellowish, choose black or silver, because the gold frame will make the skin tone more yellowish.

Polygon glasses frames vogue frames - Vooglam

How to check if glasses are right for you?

Face shape

Whether the glasses are suitable for you need to see your face shape, although we generally divide the face shape into round face, long face, square face, triangular face, etc., among the above face shapes, polygons are best suited for round faces. But in these face shapes, everyone's wearing effect will have some subtle changes, so you can try them on with the online tools first.

Eyesight prescription

One of the main functions of glasses is to adjust vision, which allows us to see things more clearly, so the key is that the prescription should be suitable for you. Whether it is a polygonal frame or other types of frames, you must ensure that the prescription of the lenses matches the vision prescription.

If the eyesight prescription is very high, do not choose too large polygonal glasses frames, because the edge of the lens with a large degree is thick, and the large-frame lens is easy to interfere with the vision. Wearing glasses with a large interpupillary distance for a long time is prone to symptoms of visual fatigue such as dizziness, headache, and even decreased vision.

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Polygonal eyeglass frames have also been very popular in recent years. This kind of eyeglass frame is very different from traditional round glasses or square eyeglass frames. It can be distinguished from the appearance at a glance. Vooglam's product list includes these glasses frames. For all kinds of eyeglass frames, choose stylish frames from Vooglam.

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