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Tips for ensuring prescription accuracy when buying kids' glasses

By Vooglam

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Tips for when buying kids' glasses

When buying kids' glasses, in order to ensure accurate prescription, you also need to pay attention to the technical parameters of the glasses prescription, such as the accuracy of pupil distance measurement. At the same time, eyeglass materials, production, and optometry are also important factors in ensuring the quality of eyeglasses. Then, we will share the knowledge of children's optometry, eyeglass materials, and dispensing skills to help parents choose the right glasses for their children.

Optical parameters are important to ensure accurate prescriptions

A pair of quality, comfortable-to-wear glasses depends on two factors: one is the accuracy of optometry, and the second is whether the glasses are qualified. In addition to accurate optometry, prescription glasses to achieve the technical parameters, such as pupil distance is one of the keys to formulating qualified glasses. Pupil distance measurement is not allowed, easy to cause the optical center distance deviation, optical center vertical deviation, and many other problems, wear such glasses will not only eliminate visual fatigue but will occur in visual distortion, clarity, and even dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eye distension, and other situations.

Materials, production, and optometry are equally important. Some consumers often take their optometry to other places to buy glasses in order to buy cheaper glasses after having optometry in regular medical institutions. Here, we need to remind you that eyeglass materials, production, and optometry are equally important, so it is good to get glasses at the same time after optometry in professional institutions to ensure the quality of glasses.

Kids' optometry needs to consider pseudomyopia

The dilated eye exam is one of the most essential steps in medical dispensing. It can help the dispenser determine the presence of pseudomyopia, ensure accurate prescriptions and adjust the refraction of the eyes for distance and near vision. The eyes have the ability to self-adjust, so even patients who have been myopic for years may have pseudomyopia. Patients with myopia whose vision was previously stable but has recently declined, and students who have just experienced heavy study, should never ignore the step of dilating their pupils before dispensing glasses to rule out pseudomyopia. In general, children under 12 years of age generally need to have their pupils dilated for 3-5 days before they can be fitted with lenses, and others take about 60 minutes to dilate their pupils.

High-quality lenses are recommended

At present, various types of optical resin lenses have been widely used in the ophthalmology clinical glasses preparation, the advantages of which are light material, strong resistance to various types of radiation, ease to protect the surface clean, wear-resistant anti-scratch, very high light transmission and high refractive index, and safety, impact resistance is also extremely high. The PC resin material has a very high toughness, and excellent protection ability and is called "smash not broken, fall not broken" optical material, and its impact resistance is more than 10 times that of ordinary resin lenses. As children and teenagers are more active, it is recommended to use resin lenses for students.

It is important for children to accept wearing glasses

Parents can buy vision charts at home often to check their child's vision, once found their children have the possibility of strabismus, as soon as possible to they hospital to ask a professional doctor to check, if it is strabismus and farsightedness, often need to first optometry prescription to obtain an accurate prescription, some children through wearing glasses eye strabismus symptoms will be significantly reduced, there are many children will be completely cured of internal strabismus.

Also, wearing glasses with amblyopia treatment can greatly improve visual acuity, and it facilitates the consolidation of eye position after surgery. Some children may be reluctant to wear glasses because they are afraid of being ridiculed by their peers after wearing therapeutic lenses, parents should also do a good job of psychological work on this so that the child understands that health is much more important than momentary 'beauty'.

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