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what is myopia? Here offers authoritative answers

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Myopia is one of the common vision problems. When the eye is in a relaxed state, parallel rays of light enter the eye and focus in front of the retina, which results in the inability to form a clear image on the retina, which is called myopia. At this time, checking the refraction will prompt the degree of myopia, for example, it is usually called 50 degrees of myopia, which is recorded as "-0.50 D".

When the eye adjustment is relaxed, the parallel light from the outside enters the eye, and its focus just falls on the retina, forming a clear image, which is called emmetropia; if the focus cannot fall on the retina, it is called non-emmetropia, that is Refractive error.

Mild or moderate myopia

Mild or moderate myopia, there are no other symptoms except blurred vision, when working at close range, you can see small objects clearly without adjustment or with less adjustment, but feel convenient, but in high myopia, work When the target distance is very close, the eyes are highly focused, which will cause excessive use of the medial rectus muscle and visual fatigue symptoms.

High vision of myopia

It is generally believed that high myopia is just a relatively deep degree of myopia, and it is not necessary to associate it with blinding fundus diseases. However, some studies have reported that fundus complications caused by high myopia have replaced cataracts as the primary cause of blindness in middle-aged and elderly people. It can be seen that high myopia is not only a problem of eye refraction, which needs to be highly concerned by everyone.

When the degree of myopia is greater than 600 degrees, it is called high myopia. Most myopia tends to stabilize around the age of 20, but some patients continue to deepen myopia even after adulthood, even reaching more than 3000 degrees.

What is the cause of myopia

Myopia is caused by a combination of environment and genetics. First understand the causes of myopia: the currently recognized causes of myopia are environment and heredity. If one parent has high myopia (more than 600 degrees of myopia), then the probability of children suffering from myopia will be much higher. Environmental factors are easier to understand, and the eye environment causes visual fatigue.

Visual fatigue is the main cause of myopia. After myopia, in addition to blurred vision, the eye axis will undergo qualitative changes with the increase of the degree, and the eye axis will be elongated irreversibly. Under normal circumstances, myopia will not increase after the eyeball matures (around the age of 18), but the reality is that even for middle-aged people, the degree of myopia still shows a trend of increasing after excessive eye use, although very slowly.

It can be seen that whether the degree of myopia increases is not only affected by age, but excessive use of eyes is the culprit of its increase. Poor eye habits will increase the probability of myopia. Many myopia patients often correct their bad habits after wearing glasses, such as not paying attention to the distance, time and posture of reading and writing.

How to correct and improve myopia?

In daily life, there are many places where eyes are used, especially for students or people at work. Our eyes will send out alarm signals after a long time. So how should we protect our eyes?

The existing medical methods include wearing glasses, surgical treatment and drug treatment.

Frame glasses are the most common myopia treatment because of their convenience, economy, and safety. For adolescents or patients who need to be used for a short period of time or need to adjust parameters frequently during certain treatments, frame glasses are the best choice.

Due to the large individual differences, there is no absolute best, fastest, and most effective drug use. Except for commonly used non-prescription drugs, the most suitable drug should be selected fully based on personal circumstances under the guidance of a doctor.

Myopia correction surgery can be used to reduce the degree of myopia or cure myopia. It is mainly suitable for myopia patients over 18 years old with a stable degree of myopia.

Eye protection is required in daily life

Myopia is a controllable and correctable disease, which generally does not affect normal life and work. "Wearing glasses will aggravate myopia" is a misunderstanding. Don't have too much psychological burden. After the discovery of myopia, it should be treated scientifically to avoid passing on one's anxiety to the patient, prevent it before it occurs, treat it scientifically after it occurs, and develop good eye habits.

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