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What are eye refraction problems?

By Vooglam

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Do you know refractive errors of eyes?

I believe many people have heard of the term refractive errors, but can you tell what is refractive error? Some people may think that refractive error is myopia, but in fact it is not just myopia, vooglam will tell you in detail.

What are refractive errors?

Refractive error of the eye refers to the fact that when the eye is not adjusted, the parallel light cannot form a clear image on the retina after passing through the refraction of the eye, but the image is formed in front or behind the retina. It includes different refractive errors of eye such as hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. There are many reasons for refractive error, of which genetic factors and unreasonable eye use are the reasons that cannot be ignored.

What are eye refraction problems?

Triggers of Refraction Disorder

Children are in the period of growth and development, and they do not pay attention to eye hygiene, such as incorrect reading and writing posture, or poor lighting, resulting in the eyes and the book being too close. Or reading for too long, using computers at work, or walking, Electronic devices such as mobile phones in cars can cause excessive eye fatigue and contribute to refractive errors.

Classification of eye refraction problems

Due to the refraction of the eye, the parallel light entering from the outside can form a focus, but this focus does not just fall on the retina like an emmetropic eye. According to the positional relationship between the focus and the retina, the focus is behind the retina, which is hyperopia; the focus is before the retina for myopia. Because the parallel light entering from the outside cannot be focused by the refractive system of the eye. This is the case with astigmatism.

Eyes with normal vision

The parallel light at a distance of 5m, without adjustment, is clearly focused on the central fovea of ​​the macular through the refraction of the eye's refractive system, which is an eye with normal vision. The refractive system of a normal eye, its focus is adapted to the position of the retina, the total refractive power of the eye is normal, the axial length of the eyeball is normal, and the two are compatible.

What should we do about refractive errors in the eye? As mentioned above, refractive errors include farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Then there is a simple and effective method is to wear appropriate glasses, which is currently the most commonly used method for refractive errors.

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