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What is hyperopia?

By Vooglam

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What is hyperopia?

What is hyperopia? How is hyperopia formed? The following vooglam will give you a detailed answer. Hyperopia is when parallel light enters the eye and forms a focus behind the retina. External objects cannot form a clear image in the retina. The patient's subjective perception is that both distant objects and near objects are blurred.

What is hyperopia

Many people have a misunderstanding that farsightedness sees blurry near vision, but sees clearly far away. Here is a popular science: In fact, farsightedness is blurred in the distance, and more blurred in the near. So why do children with farsightedness seem to be able to see clearly in the distance and even up close? This is because: 1) children's crystals are very elastic; 2) their ciliary muscles have a strong ability to accommodate. So small children and young adults can easily increase the light-gathering ability of the eye, allowing light to refocus on the retina.

Hyperopia is a refractive error

Hyperopia is a refractive error that is more common in children and adolescents. The degree of hyperopia generally does not deepen with age, and often has a certain downward trend. The most common type of hyperopia is axial hyperopia, which is the most common type of refractive error.

hypermetropia with young people

At birth, the average axial length of the human eye is about 17.3mm. From the perspective of the length of the eye axis, almost all of them are farsighted. It can be said that the baby's farsightedness is physiological. Growth, by the time of adulthood, should be emmetrope or close to emmetrope. However, some people stop the development of the eyeball due to internal or external environmental influences during the development process, and the axial length of the eye cannot reach the length of the normal eye, resulting in hyperopia.

hypermetropia with children

Classification of farsightedness

The visual acuity of the farsighted eye is determined by the level of its farsightedness refraction and the strength of its accommodation. According to the degree of hyperopia: low hyperopia: less than +3.00D; moderate hyperopia: +3.00 -- +5.00D; Severe hyperopia: greater than +5.00D.

The difference between farsightedness and presbyopia

Hyperopia is mostly due to the short anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball, while presbyopia is caused by the aging of the lens and ciliary muscle and the decrease in refractive power. Hyperopia often occurs in children, and the degree of correction usually decreases year by year. When the degree is not high, you can obtain a clear object image through self-adjustment regardless of whether you look near or far;

What is hypermetropia

Presbyopia generally occurs in middle-aged and elderly people, and the correction degree increases year by year with age, and due to the decline in adjustment ability, even if the degree is not high, objects that are close to a certain distance cannot be seen clearly through self-adjustment, and must be moved further away.

How to correct hyperopia to ensure eye health?

Patients with hyperopia are prone to visual fatigue symptoms such as blurred vision, swollen eyes, and even headaches due to the long-term tension in the eyeball. If you have problems such as vision loss, you should go to the hospital to check the optometry as soon as possible. If it is determined to be hyperopia, you should wear glasses in time. Don't delay. Usually, wearing glasses for the first time will be a little uncomfortable, and you will get used to it after 2 months of wearing. After getting used to it, you should stick to wearing it often and not picking it off, and check your eyesight regularly, develop a good and healthy lifestyle, and avoid excessive use of your eyes.

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