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What size glasses for 6-year-old child? - A practical guide

By Vooglam

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What size glasses for 6-year-old child

When it comes to eyeglasses for 6 year old, the correct size is very important, as ill-fitting glasses can affect your child's vision and overall eye health. How to choose the ideal size of glasses for your 6 year old child? Vooglam, a premium children's eyewear brand, offers this practical guide to choosing glasses for parents.

Facial size ratio for 6 year old

The average facial size ratio for a 6 year old child, is as follows:

Distance from eyes to ears: about 50-54 mm

Width of nose bridge: about 12-14 mm

Width of the face: about 110-120 mm

Of course, these figures are for reference only, the actual size of the child needs to be based on the real measurements. Facial dimensions and applicable eyeglass sizes will vary depending on individual differences.

Size of glasses for 6 years old

Width of eyeglass frame: approximately 110mm to 125mm

Length of temples: approximately 120mm to130mm

Nose bridge width: approximately 12mm to17mm

This frame as this size is recommended for Vooglam 4-7 year old. For more sizes of kids frames, you can refer to how to choose frame glasses for kids. The frame is sized to fit the face and head size of a 6 year old, and soft materials are used to ensure that the child is comfortable wearing the glasses. Scratch-resistant and UV-protective lenses are also available to protect your child's eyes from damage.

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Why choose Vooglam kids' eyewear? Vooglam offers a wide selection of high-quality, stylish and comfortable eyewear for children of all ages. With their focus on durability, design sensibility and adjustability, you can trust Vooglam to provide the perfect eyewear for your 6 year old.

How do I measure my child's face size?

To measure your child's facial dimensions, use a soft ruler to measure the width of their face, the width of their nose bridge, and the distance from their eyes to their ears. These measurements will be useful when choosing the size of the glasses. It is also advisable to seek the help of a professional optometrist who can measure your child's facial measurements with professional equipment and can also determine your child's vision prescription in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurements.

How to make sure glasses are comfortable to wear?

Generally speaking, frames made of lightweight, soft and wear-resistant materials, such as TR90 plastic, are more suitable for children. Also, comfort with glasses is reflected by the fact that the frame should rest comfortably on the bridge of the nose and the arms fit snugly behind the ears without slipping or feeling compressed. Soft nose pads on the frames and adjustable temple tips on the arms will enhance the comfort of wearing the glasses.

For optimal vision correction and eye protection, choose prescription-accurate lenses with scratch-resistant coatings and UV protection to protect your child's eyes from harmful rays.

In conclusion

When fitting a 6-year-old with eyeglasses, their facial size proportions need to be taken into account in order to choose the right size glasses. The length, height and width of the nose bridge of the eyeglass frame should match the child's facial dimensions. If your child is not 6 years old, you can check whether children of different ages need glasses. Vooglam's 4-7 seven year old eyeglasses can be worn by 6 year old, because of the frames are worn comfortably. Of course, the most important thing is not to ignore the child's feelings, the child's experience when wearing glasses is real.

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