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Women's Aviator Glasses for Small Faces: Elevate Your Style

By Vooglam

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Aviator glasses for smaller faces women

Aviator glasses are known for their teardrop-shaped lenses and sporty chic style. However, if you're a woman with a small face, finding the right aviator glasses may take some sifting through, as aviators are often known for their large frame designs. But there are tricks to finding the perfect pair of glasses for a small face. In this blog, we'll explore the various options for women's aviator glasses for smaller faces and the key factors to consider when shopping.

Women's Aviator Glasses for Small Faces

Smaller frame sizes will be bet

While aviators are generally oversized, many brands offer aviator frames specifically designed for smaller faces. Look for smaller frame sizes, usually between 49 mm - 55 mm lens width, a size specification that fits your small face perfectly while will maintain the classic aviator shape.

Women's Aviator Glasses for Small Faces

Choose adjustable nose pads

A key factor to consider when choosing women's aviator glasses for smaller faces is the nose pads. Choosing frames with adjustable or cushioned nose pads will allow you to comfortably adjust your glasses to fit the bridge of your nose. This will ensure a secure, comfortable fit without the risk of your glasses constantly slipping off.

It's important to consider the height of the lenses

The overall aesthetics of your aviators are heavily influenced by the height of the lenses. For women with small faces, choose aviators with a lens height between 40mm and 48mm, which will adequately protect your eyes from the sun without compromising the effectiveness of your style ensemble.

Explore different frame materials

Aviators come in a variety of frame materials, such as acetate, metal, and plastic. When looking for the perfect glasses for your petite face, consider the benefits of each frame material. For example, lightweight acetate frames may offer more comfort, while metal frames offer a sleek, elegant look. Ultimately, choose the frame material that best suits your comfort and style preferences.

Women's Aviator Glasses for Small Faces

Try frames with unique color designs

To make a fashion statement and express your individuality, explore aviators with unique frame colors or finishes. Classic metallic colors, such as gold and silver, are always a popular choice but don't be afraid to experiment with shades like rose gold, black or tortoiseshell. These unique colors can complement your skin tone and draw attention to your beautiful features while wearing stylish aviators.

Use tinted lenses

Another way to up your aviator glasses is to choose lenses in different shades or finishes. Whether you prefer timeless mirrored lenses or stylish gradient lenses, you can find a variety of options to suit your style. Reflective or colored tinted lenses can add a playful and stylish touch to your chic aviators, making them a gorgeous accessory to any outfit.

Women's Aviator Glasses for Small Faces

Final thoughts

Aviators are certainly a timeless and stylish style. For those women with smaller faces, finding the perfect pair of glasses may take extra time and consideration, but the effort is worth it to find the perfect fit. By taking into account factors such as frame size, lens height, frame material, and color, you can find your own aviators that will add extra coolness and sophistication to your look and showcase your unique style statement.

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