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Best glasses for heart shaped face male

By Vooglam

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Best glasses for heart shaped face male

In today's society, glasses have gradually become a popular fashion accessory. For heart shaped face male, matching a pair of glasses that suit you can not only modify your face but also make you more handsome. The following is a detailed description of the best glasses for heart shaped face male.

Characteristics of a heart-shaped face

The cheekbones of the heart-shaped face are generally wider and the chin is relatively narrow, also known as the inverted triangle face shape, because the overall face shape is an inverted triangle. A person with a heart-shaped face looks sophisticated like a well-known person.

Which glasses for heart shaped face male are more suitable?

Half-frame, round, wide bottom glasses for heart shaped face male are more suitable. Avoid choosing eyeglass frames with overly complex designs.

Oval frames for heart shaped face male

Men with a heart-shaped face have a good face shape. Generally, glasses frames of various shapes can be controlled, but the heart-shaped face is smaller and the facial lines are more obvious, so wearing an oval glasses frame can ease the overall angular feeling. In addition, some people have long faces and sharp chins. In this case, you can consider glasses with a frame width that is slightly wider than the width of the face, which can affect the length of your face.

Oval frames


Which glasses for heart shaped face male are not suitable?

Aviator glasses are not recommended for heart shaped face male glasses, and glasses with sides that are turned upwards, such as cat-eye glasses, should be avoided. Because it will make the cheekbones more prominent. Glasses with too large frames will make men with heart-shaped faces appear wider. In addition, too small glasses frames are not suitable for men with heart-shaped faces, which will also make the face look less coordinated.

aviator glasses

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Mens heart shaped face glasses

For men with heart shaped face, glasses not only have the function of correcting eye vision problems but also have the function of decorating appearance and covering facial defects. For example, a face with a long nose can choose a frame with an appropriate nose bridge, and the nose will appear less long after wearing it. Wearing dark wide-brimmed glasses can hide or cover defects such as drooping eyelids and facial scars, and play a dual effect of correction and beauty. So you have to learn to make use of your strengths and avoid weaknesses, there will always be a kind mens heart shaped face glasses that suits you, and you will also look like a fashion icon when you wear them.

black browline frames


Therefore, for male with heart-shaped faces, choosing the frame according to the face shape is only one aspect. Heart face shape male glasses can also modify the facial features. If you have a larger pupil distance, you can choose a frame with a thicker nose bridge and a more eye-catching color. to reduce shortcomings. Check out this post on How To Measure Pupil Distance. And the size of the frame should also match the size of the eyes and mouth, and try to avoid small-frame glasses for large eyes and mouths.

Light colored lenses for heart shaped face men glasses

The first choice of light-colored lenses is that the vision will be clearer, and the second is that the light-colored lenses will not appear wider on the upper part of the face from the appearance. At the same time, the color of the frame is also recommended to be light-colored or solid color, and the bottom is widened to increase the lower part of the face. The width complements the contours of the face.

light-colord frames


Tips for wearing men's heart shaped face eyeglasses

  • When choosing the best glasses for heart-shaped face men, we should also pay attention to the quality of the glasses. There are mainly the following aspects:
    1. The material of the lens should be light and thin, the light transmittance and refractive index should be high, and at the same time, it should be wear-resistant and not easy to break.
    2. If your men's heart shaped face eyeglasses need to wear glasses for a long time, then you can choose lenses with a higher safety factor, such as explosion-proof lenses made of resin.
    3. For those who wear glasses with high astigmatism, in order to achieve accurate axiality, it is more appropriate to choose a square frame.
    4. If you are a man with presbyopia, please choose glass lenses with high light transmittance.
    5. For those with a parallax of more than 250 degrees, or a high degree of myopia of more than 600 degrees, the frame should be mainly small circles.

It will be useful if you are viewing this article as a man with a heart-shaped face. Hurry up and find your best glasses for heart shaped face male at the Vooglam store as well.

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