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How to choose the right lenses for glasses?

By Vooglam

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How to choose the right lenses for glasses?

When we don't know how to choose the right lenses for glasses, the following four aspects will help you:
1. Requirements for glasses;
2. Degree of your own eyes;
3. Lenses materials and quality;

How to choose the right lenses for glasses?

1. Requirements for choosing lenses

When you choose a lens, what effect do you hope to achieve? For example, the current glasses are not clear, do you want to change to see clearly? Or feel the light is too harsh while driving, and hope that wearing glasses can solve the problem?

After you have determined your requirements, explain them to your optometrist so that they can help you determine your prescription.

If you don't know how to choose glasses lenses and what your specific demands are, you can also describe the scene where you wear glasses. example:
I need to read with glasses...
I hope that after wearing glasses, I can drive at night and see clearly...

List several common demands for wearing glasses:
a, Control the growth of myopia in children;

b, Solve the problem of presbyopia that gradually appears after the age of 45 for myopic people;
c, For adults who wear glasses in the office, if they need to use electronic equipment for a long time and with high intensity, they can fit an additional pair of anti-blue light with a slightly lower degree to relieve visual fatigue.

[Notes about anti-blue light lenses]

1. The functional effect is not particularly obvious. For a small number of people, it can relieve eye fatigue.
2. Anti-blue light glasses generally have a background color, so they are not suitable for jobs such as designers (need to deal with colors)
3. Blue light blocking glasses are not suitable for outdoor wear

Adults wear glasses outdoors

When adults are active outdoors, if they need to wear glasses, many needs will be derived.
Here are a few common examples:
1. Driving: For those who have driving needs, they should not only pay attention to the accuracy of optometry but also consider special driving glasses.
2. Outdoor: You can consider color-changing glasses (suitable for activities exposed to the outdoors), or you can choose tinted glasses (also suitable for driving).
3. Sports: It is recommended to choose the lens of PC material, the effect of anti-strike is much better.

2 Determine your glasses degree

In the case that you already know your eyeglass power and your astigmatism is within 100 degrees if you don't know how to choose eyeglasses lenses, then you can choose according to the range provided below, and only myopia or hyperopia can be considered.

200 degrees and below, three suitable refractive indices: 1.5 / 1.56 / 1.6

1.50 refractive index, the best visual effect, suitable for low degrees;

1.56 refractive index, better than cheap. If you have a low degree, or you only wear glasses occasionally, you may also choose;

1.61 refractive index, its material quality is good, it is a good choice.

225 - 475 degrees, suitable for refractive index: 1.6

1.61 refractive index, material transparency, and toughness are good;
The major brands have good first products, and the choice is very wide.

500 - 775 degrees, suitable for refractive index: 1.67

1.67 refractive index, the price is relatively low, so it is a cost-effective choice for medium and high myopia.

800 degrees and above, suitable for refractive index: 1.74

1.74 index of refraction, its label is thin, but don't fall into the misunderstanding, it is relatively thin;

The price is expensive, and the cost is indeed expensive. Fortunately, online shopping is still cheap, so you need to pay attention to screening when choosing.

3 Choose the material of the lens

What types of prescription lenses to choose, it is very important that you pay more attention to the material of the lens. The materials used to make spectacle lenses mainly include optical glass, optical resin, and natural materials. Cost-effective products are divided into two categories, one is the product with good performance, and the other is the price-friendly product. When choosing lenses in the Vooglam online store, you can choose on-demand, the quality can be guaranteed, and it is a cost-effective grade in similar stores.

How to choose the lens index? Generally, the thicker the lens, the lower the refractive index, and the higher the Abbe coefficient. The higher the value, the better the visual restoration of the lens.

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