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What are the advantages of plastic eyeglass frames?

By Vooglam

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Nowadays, glasses as a kind of accessories also have the auxiliary function of vision correction, more and more people wear them. However, the materials of glasses are also various. Among them, the best plastic frame is loved by consumers, but is the quality of the plastic frame good? What are the advantages? Let's find out together.

What are plastic eyeglass frames?

Plastic frames are mainly made of various types of plastic polymer materials. Various polymer materials have different compositions and will show different physical and chemical properties. The quality of the frame mainly depends on the microstructure of the polymer material and the polymer processing technology.

beautiful plastic eyeglass frames

Material classification of plastic eyeglass frames

Plastic frames are generally divided into two categories: thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastics can be reworked under heat, thermosets frames can not. Plastic eyeglass frames are usually made of thermoplastic nylon or composite materials.

Although it is a thermoplastic material, it does not soften at room temperature. The plastic from which the frame is made generally softens when heated. And thermosets are usually just small parts of the frame, such as silicone rubber nose pads.

What are the advantages of plastic eyeglass frames?

The advantages of plastic eyeglass frames are mainly reflected in their very colorful colors, light texture, and a wide variety of styles. The plastic frames are also durable, very impact-resistant, ideal for athletes, hypoallergenic, and lightweight, making them suitable for children and people of all ages. It is also because its texture is relatively light, so there is no pressure after wearing it, and it is very comfortable.


At present, because of the many colors and styles of plastic frames, it has become the best choice for fashionable glasses and sunglasses today. Because the colors are very rich, plastic frames can not only match various outfits but also provide vibrant hues and a pleasant feel. They look upscale and fashionable, making them very versatile and widely liked by everyone.

When we choose a good pair of spectacle frames, we should choose materials that are stable, safe, reliable, and have no harm to the skin, and must be light in weight, strong in frame, and not deformed. For our consumers, the first choice is to buy from the practicality of the frame, so plastic eyeglass frames are worth buying.

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