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How about TR90 glasses frames?

By Vooglam

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What is TR90 material?

TR-90 (plastic titanium) is a kind of polymer material with memory, which has the characteristics of super toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance, and low friction coefficient. Damage to the eyes and face.

Because of its specific molecular structure, it has good chemical resistance and is not easily deformed in a high temperature environment. It can withstand high temperatures of 350 degrees in a short time, and is not easy to melt and burn. No chemical residues are released, meeting European requirements for food-grade materials.

How about TR90 glasses frames

Advantages of TR-90 material

Compared with acetate frame, TR-90 frame has the following characteristics:

1. Light weight: about half the weight of the acetate frame, which is 85% of the nylon material, reducing the burden on the bridge of the nose and ears, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.

2. Bright colors: The colors are brighter and better than ordinary plastic eyeglass frames.

3. Impact resistance: It is more than 2 times that of acetate material eyeglass frames, ISO180/IC: >125kg/m² elasticity, to effectively prevent eye damage due to impact during exercise.

4. High temperature resistance: It can withstand high temperature of 350 degrees in a short time, ISO527: anti-deformation index 620kg/cm². Not easy to melt and burn. The glasses frame is not easy to be deformed and not easy to change color, so that the frame can be worn for a longer time.

5. Safety: no release of chemical residues, in line with European requirements for food-grade materials. The material of TR90 is much more expensive than other pc, cp and other glasses frame materials, and the production process is also stricter, so the price of TR90 glasses frame is several times more expensive than others.

How about TR90 glasses frames?

TR90 glasses frames

The surface of TR90 glasses frame is smooth and the density is 1.14-1.15. It will float in salt water. It is lighter than other plastic glasses frames, which can reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose and ears, and is suitable for teenagers. It is wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, solvent-resistant, weather-resistant, non-flammable, and heat-resistant. Moreover, it is a memory polymer material with an anti-deformation index of 620kg/cm², which is not easy to deform.

The spectacle frame made of TR90 is a new type of glasses, and is currently the most popular ultra-light frame material in the world. Because the TR90 frames has high elasticity and toughness, it is not easy to break, has high strength and does not break, so it has sports safety. And it is very resistant to impact, which can effectively prevent eye damage caused by impact during sports. At the same time, there is no release of chemical harmful substances, which meets the requirements of health.

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